Integrated Amps

Amplifiers engineered for the way you listen to music today.

Peachtree Audio's newest integrated amplifiers have been drastically upgraded in power and DAC resolution. They serve as the perfect digital and analog control center for your stereo system, and offer power ratings of 65, 125 and 440 watts per channel. Direct digital inputs are optimized for your computer, Sonos, Apple TV, CD player or any other digital source. The new series of ESS Sabre DACs resolve up to 24/192 on all digital inputs - and asynchronous on the USB input. Analog lovers will appreciate non-digital input(s) for turntables.* Peachtree Audio's special tube buffer circuitry brings warmth and presence to your digital music files - and it can be switched on and off at will via the remote control. With Peachtree, you get the best of new school paired with the best of old school: solid state and tubes, analog and digital inputs. Who says you can't have it all?

*external phono preamp required