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Peachtree/AirPlay® Initiative

Stream music and video directly from your smart phone and make it sound better than you ever dreamed.

high quality music system

This is all you need for a very high quality music system. No computer required.

  • Download to your smart phone or tablet any of the many streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, or our favorite, MOG. There are many more available, too.
  • Get Apple TV for $99.
  • Hook it up to the Peachtree decco65 or nova125 integrated amp with an optical cable.
  • Stream any of these music or radio services from your smart phone or tablet to Peachtree via the Apple TV AirPlay.

AirPlay the right way…

The Apple TV® gets our strongest recommendation for AirPlay technology.

Here's why: Apple TV does so much more than AirPlay built in to a receiver!
Whereas built-in AirPlay streams music only, the Apple TV streams both music and video from your computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or even Android and PC. It also directly streams content from Netflix, Apple Movies, YouTube, and many more. Additionally, it allows you to stream photos from your computer that rarely get viewed.

Better news? It’s only $99.

When you own a Peachtree, you can utilize the Apple TV optical digital out so everything sounds great. Every aspect of streaming music is immediately transformed and dramatically improved because the digital signal goes directly from the Apple TV to the Peachtree’s onboard ESS Sabre DAC.

There’s more!
decco65 tube window Once the digital music has been converted to analog, the signal is routed through a vacuum tube (on Peachtree integrated amps and preamps) to further smooth, improve and enhance your digital music. You can switch it on and off via the remote control and go from solid-state to tube on the fly.

I already have an Apple TV and an iPhone. What else do I need?

  • For a simple solution, go with one of our integrated amps. Just add speakers. All of the Peachtree integrated amps are 5 products in one: Amp, Preamp, Tube Buffer, Headphone Amp and ESS Sabre DAC - built for a hostile digital world.
  • If you already have a system that you like, use it. Just add an outboard DAC, like the iDac or DAC•iT.
  • If you have an older set of separates with an analog preamp, the novaPre or Grand Pre is an excellent replacement and will give you all of the digital inputs you’re ever likely to need.

Network note: As with all streaming devices and control devices, we recommend a good, strong network to prevent dropouts or slow downloads and to control latency.

Here's all you do:

  1. Set up Apple TV following Apple instructions: You'll need a television or monitor with an HDMI input for initial set up, but afterward your Apple TV can be moved to a system without a monitor.
  2. Use an optical cable to hook up Apple TV to a Peachtree amp, preamp or DAC.
  3. Time to AirPlay. Whip out your chosen smart phone or tablet, pull up MOG and select the AirPlay icon. Now you have full 320kbps streaming up to 12,000,000 tracks from your device - and sounding killer.

Apple TV optical output connection

The optical out on the Apple TV provides outstanding sound quality.

Why Apple TV instead of AirPort Express: The new Apple AirPort Express is very similar to the Apple TV, except for the advantage of being able to set it up with your computer. However, at present, the AirPort Express has excess jitter that prevents the DAC from properly locking onto the signal. The Apple TV, on the other hand, works fine.

Peachtree Power Trio

David Solomon demonstrates decco65 system Peachtree Power Trio

Peachtree's $2K System at T.H.E. Show Newport 2012

John Atkinson Stereophile logo

“[Here] was a jewel of an affordable system, being operated here by Peachtree’s David Solomon. Peachtree’s new decco65 D/A integrated amplifier ($899), which uses a 24-bit ESS Sabre DAC and offers 65Wpc into 8 ohms, drove Dynaudio DM2/6 bookshelf speakers, the system being completed with an Apple TV and cables to give a total cost of $2000.”
John Atkinson posted on June 8, 2012

Stephen Mejias

“This was one of the best and smartest systems of the show, in my opinion, because it offers sound that an audiophile can love while providing the simplicity and versatility that everyone wants - all at a real-world price. I think it's also important to note that Dave Solomon and Peachtree's "Ambassador of Awesome," Jonathan Derda, provide outstanding demonstrations - clear, comprehensive, and fun.”
Stephen Mejias commented on June 8, 2012

decco65 with Apple TV and iPad