preDAC + amp500 Bundle

Preamplifier + Amplifier

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• Ultimate performance
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Peachtree's amp500 is the perfect partner for the preDAC. You'll experience the full resolution and musicality of the preDAC when you connect its balanced XLR outputs to the amp500's class A buffered input stage. Learn more about the amp500 here.

What is the difference between the nova500 and the preDAC + amp500?
The power amplifier section of the nova500 is broken out into a separate chassis in the preDAC + amp500 combo and each chassis has its own mechanical shielding and independent power supply. This provides greater isolation between the ultra-high power electronics in the power amplifier and the low power electronics in the preDAC. The preDAC + amp500 also provides a balanced analog connection whereas the pre outputs on the nova500 are unbalanced only. This provides the maximum fidelity, lowest noise connection. It also allows the amp500 to be located close to the speakers using longer interconnects and shorter speaker cables while the preDAC remains within reach for easy control.

The nova500 provides amazing value, but the preDAC + amp500 combination offers even better performance plus greater system flexibility if you already have a preamplifier or power amplifier you don't want to replace.


Charles Umberger partners the preDAC with the amp500:

"Paired with the amp500 one could argue that it's a nova500 broken out into separate cabinets. In fact, it’s much more. "

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