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D5 (pair)

Bookshelf Speakers

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Compact speakers with impressive bass. They fill large rooms and expectations.


"From the moment one first listens to a pair of D5s it's immediately evident that these speakers produce incredible bass for their size."

- Computer Audiophile

"Peachtree’s Design 5 delivers clear, even midrange without stridency or bloat … its lack of foibles lets you focus on the music."

- HiFi Plus

The Peachtree Audio D5 is a larger bookshelf speaker than our enthusiastically-reviewed D4*. Engineered for larger spaces, the D5 will reach authoritatively down to 50 Hz - a level of bass reproduction unheard of in a speaker this size. The result - when blended with our smooth-as-silk dome tweeter - is breathtaking. (Our tweeter diaphragm is actually made of silk fabric!)

What does this level of sound quality in an attractive but compact format mean? It means now everyone can be happy . . . the decorator, the casual listener and - most of all - the Audiophile who never has to make a “looks-for-sound" compromise again!

*Earlier reviews of the D5 refer to the "Era Design 5". All of our speakers are now known by the Peachtree Audio name - less confusion, same great speakers!


D5 woofer


Bass sounds natural and strong due to the long throw, vented voice coil and cast basket of the D5's custom-engineered woofer. The silk dome tweeter provides extended high-frequency response without a hint of harshness. Each cabinet is constructed from ¾ - 1” MDF and is heavily braced. When you lift a Peachtree Audio D5, you feel the weight of the speaker and observe a high level of craftsmanship.
d5 binding posts The cabinets are cut with the finest European CNC machines so joints are measured by the micron and each joint is absolutely perfect. The binding posts and back plate are among the best you can get. Superb craftsmanship, care and attention to detail goes into every Peachtree speaker. This is a product you’ll be proud to own - and it's built to last a lifetime!


Peachtree D5's are available in our beautiful High Gloss Black finish. The real-wood veneer is sanded, smoothed and hand polished - giving the cabinet a finish you'd expect to see only on speakers many times the price of the D5.


D5 Specifications

Woofer: 5" long excursion
Tweeter: 1" soft dome
Power Requirement: 40-150 watts
Frequency Response: 50Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: 85dB
Impedance: 6 Ohms
Video Shielded: Yes
Thread Size for Bracket: 3/8 x 16
Dimensions: 12"H x 7"W x 11.5"D (depth includes speaker binding posts)
Weight: 15.8 lbs
Finish: High Gloss Black
Warranty: 5 years parts and labor


Computer Audiophile logo

Computer Audiophile reviews the D5's hooked up to Peachtree's iNova integrated amplifier:
"From the moment one first listens to a pair of D5s it's immediately evident that these speakers produce incredible bass for their size. Peachtree's goal was to create a small speaker that extended low enough to make a subwoofer optional. I believe Peachtree can check that box off the list of goals easily."

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