DAC•iTx Digital to Analog Converter

    24/192 Asynchronous USB for high resolution playback

    Get the best sound quality from all your music sources - including high-resolution downloads - with the DAC•iTx

    Experience the improved clarity and dynamics a superbly-engineered high performance digital-to-analog converter delivers! Whatever your favorite source, Peachtree Audio's DAC•iTx brings you closer to the music you love.


    The cutting edge technology inside the DAC•iTx is housed in a beautiful bead blasted all-aluminum chassis and comes with a soft-touch ergonomic remote control.

    Just a few of the ways to enjoy your music with the DAC•iTx!

    Add Apple's AirPlay® to stream all of your music wirelessly.

    With a DAC•iTx, an AppleTV and your home’s WiFi network, you can get incredible wireless sound streaming from your favorite apps on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or on iTunes from your computer. Streaming Pandora, internet radio, Spotify - just to name a few - has never been so easy! Just connect your Apple TV to the DAC•iTx with an optical cable and you're ready to enjoy the music!

    iPad iPhone iMac connect Apple TV to DAC•iT

    Use your computer as a music server - for sound quality that beats any CD player!

    Macbook and DAC•iT

    Your PC or Mac computer isn’t just for getting work done and checking Facebook. It can be a music server when connected to a DAC•iTx. Everything from Pandora to 24/192 Studio Master files from sites like HDtracks.com sound amazing by taking advantage of the asynchronous USB input and ESS Sabre DAC. DAC•iTx is plug and play for Mac OSX 10.6.4 and newer and requires a simple driver install for Windows users (instructions and driver download).

    Enhance your wireless whole house audio system!

    connect Sonos to DAC•iT

    Sonos has mastered wireless whole house audio technology and their Sonos Connect box can easily be connected to DAC•iTx for a demonstrable boost in sound quality when compared to the Sonos direct analog output. Simply hook up the Connect with a 75Ω coax digital cable to the DAC•iTx to hear what you’ve been missing.

    Upgrade your CD player with state of the art technology!

    DAC technology has come a long way, especially in the last ten years. If your CD player is a bit long in the tooth but still functioning properly you don’t need to replace it. Instead connect it to a DAC•iTx with a digital cable to instantly bring its performance up to modern standards. Even an old DVD player can be made into a high performance music machine with a DAC•iTx!

    connect your cd player to DAC•iT
    Sabre Dac logo

    ESS Sabre 9023 DAC

    The 9023 Sabre chip from ESS Technology is a testament of trickle down technology. It delivers a lion’s share of the performance of their top-of-the-line 9018 chip for a fraction of the price. Its patented Hyperstream jitter elimination is a key reason why DAC•iTx can make non-audiophile sources (Apple TV, computer) sound so good.

    Galvanic Isolation


    Electrically connected sources like your computer’s USB or your streamer's coax digital output can carry noise along with the digital signal. This noise masks fine detail in recordings and makes your music unfocused and hazy. Galvanic isolation moves this noise away from the digital signal so you end up with clearer more detailed sound.

    Asynchronous USB

    The USB input on DAC•iTx is the best sounding input for digital music. Asynchronous technology allows the digital clock inside DAC•iTx to control the flow of data coming from your computer. This method of communication leads to less jitter (timing errors) for the Sabre DAC to deal with which results in clearer, more defined sound.

    For added convenience, a remote control with direct input selection is included with the DAC•iTx.

    DAC•iT remote control
    DAC•iT back panel

    DAC•iTx Specifications

    • Inputs: 1-USB, 1-coax, 1-optical
      USB: 24/192 Asynchronous
      Coaxial and Optical: 24/192 capability, dependent upon source
    • Outputs: 1-L&R RCA
    • DAC: ESS 24bit/192kHz Sabre 9023
    • Output: 1.9V
    • Output impedance: 200 ohms
    • S/N: 112dB
    • Ground isolation: Transformer coupled inputs
    • USB isolation: Galvanic
    • Jitter at master clock: < 3ps
    • Power supply: External 100-240v, 50-60Hz, 9V-1A
    • Power consumption: 1w
    • Chassis and housing: All metal
    • Remote control: Included
    • Dimensions (inches): 2.5 x 6.5 x 6.5
    • Warranty: 2 years parts and labor

    Reviews of the original award-winning DAC•iT

    Stereophile logo
    "Of (all the DACs mentioned) that cost less than $500, I would easily reach first for the DAC•iT...Peachtree Audio clearly knows what they're doing, and their DAC•iT is incredibly enjoyable to listen to. The guys at Peachtree are apparently fussy listeners, and in this model their fussiness has paid off." Read the full review . . .
    Computer Audiophile logo
    "In fact, I'd put DACs worth thousands of dollars more than the DAC•iT up against this thing and expect very little difference ... I encourage readers to find another DAC of this quality anywhere near this price." Read the full review . . .


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