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    “...the little deepblue system suddenly pounded out some shockingly deep bass.” “It beats the snot out of the tabletop systems I’ve heard lately." "The final shock? The target price is $399. I’m still flabbergasted.”

    - Scot Hull

    "The DeepBlue didn’t sound awesome for $400, it just sounded awesome. And I’m excited."


    "A $399 product that sounds this good and is very easy to use is a dream come true..."



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    deepblue is a high performance music system fine-tuned by one of the most award-winning HiFi companies of the last five years. The engineers behind deepblue pushed the laws of physics to the limit - to create an epic single-box powered speaker that has the sound quality, deep bass, and volume output of a much larger traditional HiFi.



    deepblue has the most powerful built-in amplifier in its class. An incredible 240 watts of clean power easily delivers everything from the delicacy of a violin to the pulsing bass line of a powerhouse rock performance.

    Getting this much rich and clear sound from such a small enclosure required five custom designed speakers dedicated to bass, mids and highs to form a true three-way speaker system. Two inverted dome aluminum mid-ranges and two soft dome tweeters are placed in their own housing, isolated from the incredible pressure generated by the massive 6.5" bass driver, so you can hear every note and every word of your favorite track.

    Play It Soft - Play It Loud


    A sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) allowed team Peachtree to squeeze out every last ounce of performance, giving deepblue fullness and clarity not found in other Bluetooth speakers.

    Proprietary Volume Equalization automatically adjusts frequency response on the fly so deepblue produces full rich sound even at its lowest volume. Digital Compressors prevent distortion and amplifier clipping at high volume, protecting your speakers should the music get out of hand.

    Connect Wirelessly


    Connect wirelessly with Bluetooth or wired with a 3.5mm stereo connection to any smartphone, tablet, music player, or computer. You can pair your Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Touch - anything that supports A2DP Bluetooth.

    Bluetooth is a point A to point B connection. That means no router or proprietary network with complex setup is needed. You can pair your device in less than five minutes and after the first time, your device will auto-pair to deepblue when you select its Bluetooth input. Bluetooth has a range of 10 meters (33 feet) open air. Distance will vary with walls and your device’s capability.


    Wired Connection

    Don’t have Bluetooth? Prefer a wired connection? You can easily connect to deepblue with the included 3.5mm stereo cable from your device's headphone jack. Even a traditional audio component like a CD player can be connected with a simple RCA to mini adaptor (sold separately).

    All Your Music - All Your Apps

    With Bluetooth you don’t need any proprietary apps - you can use the ones you already love and are familiar with. iTunes, Windows media, Pandora, Spotify, LastFM, just to mention a few, are easily streamed wirelessly - thrilling anyone in ears' reach.

    Check out our deepblue inspired playlists on Spotify or MOG.

    Get all of your local radio stations and more with TuneIn on your computer or mobile device!

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    User Adjustable Bass Control

    Great Sound Everywhere

    Out of the box, deepblue's bass is set at a level that achieves the best balance of bass output for most situations. You will find that bass output is greatly affected by walls and surfaces within close proximity to deepblue, especially if you place it in a corner which will boost bass and make it too much of a good thing.

    deepblue bass control

    On the included remote, you’ll find Bass + and Bass - buttons which allow you to adjust deepblue's bass for your room. Once set, deepblue remembers your last setting so all you have to do is turn it on and press play.

    Smart Volume

    Full and Safe Sound at Any Setting

    deepblue tracks the incoming music signal for its continuous and peak signals to provide clear distortion-free sound at any volume. The Digital Signal Processor adjusts frequency response for full sound at low volume settings and will activate compressors to lower dangerous peak signals when the music is being played at loud volumes. This ensures great sound and reliable performance.

    deepblue controls

    Simple To Use

    With only three buttons on deepblue, and only 12 on the included remote, anyone can use deepblue and use it to its fullest capability within seconds. Bluetooth sources with AVRCP (like the iPhone) can be controlled by the remote for functions like track skip and play/pause. Simply point the IR remote at deepblue and it will change tracks, even if your phone is in another room!

    High Performance Drivers

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    Achieving the deep, powerful sound of deepblue from such a small box required five custom designed drive units. Massive magnets and large voice coils are used to provide control and to handle large amounts of power. Materials optimal to the task were specified at each step of the design process.

    6.5” Bass Driver

    deepblue woofer

    The 6.5” bass driver is a long excursion design that can excite the air like no other driver its size. Due to its high output, a paper cone was selected for its high stiffness-to-mass ratio which prevents the cone from flexing and outperforms metal and other exotic materials in this respect. You hear not only full bass, but bass that is tight and accurate.

    deepblue mid-range and tweeter

    3" Mid-range Drivers

    The two 3” mid-range drivers don’t need to move as much air but they still must act as a perfect piston, plus have wide sound dispersion. The mid-range drivers use inverted aluminum cones which dissipate voice coil heat build-up allowing them to operate at their ideal temperature.

    1" Tweeters

    The two 1” tweeters are a soft-dome material with a smooth extended frequency response that sounds more natural than metal-dome tweeters. Large ¾” voicecoils allow them to handle the amount of power needed for them to keep up with the output of the other drivers so the highs don’t get lost in the mix.

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    deepblue Specifications

    • Speakers: 1 x 6.5” subwoofer, 2 x 3” mid-range, 2 x 1” soft dome tweeters
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth and 3.5mm stereo analog input
    • Power: 240-watt 5-channel amplifier
    • Frequency response: 40Hz-20kHz
    • Size: HWD 8” X 15 3/4” X 6 1/2”
    • Weight: 16.1 pounds
    • Shipping size and weight: HWD 11” X 19” X 9”
      17.2 pounds
    • Color: Black with Gray metal grill
    • Accessories included: Remote control, power cord, and 3.5mm stereo cable
    • Warranty: One year parts and labor
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    What they're saying about deepblue...

    deepblue owners speak . . .

    Amazing engineering and a quality masterpiece. This is hands down, absolutely, the best $400 I've ever spent on audio gear.

    I feel lucky I found these and even feel better that I didn't accidently buy one of the many lesser speakers on the market in this category. You cannot and will not be disappointed with the peachtree deepblue.

    It's been just about a month now and I'm floored with this unit every time I turn it on. It is my audio utopia. I use it everywhere. Anyone who gets in range of this thing is wowed.

    This is the best bang for the buck electronics purchase I have made in a long time. 5 Stars all the way.

    I am completely floored by the sound! I've never heard anything like it in this category or price point. I'm so impressed that the guys at Peachtree engineered something so marvelous. It's truly a joy to listen to.

    My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 paired with this thing just fine, no distance or interference issues in my environment.

    My dad is a long time audiophile and you should have seen his face light up when he heard it. He's 75 years old and we got him set up with Spotify and he's now streaming music wirelessly from his phone to his deepblue. He said it was the best gift he has ever received!

    OMG OMG OMG. I'm speechless.

    I don't know how Peachtree managed to pack so much great sound in much a small speaker. I bow to you Peachtree. I'm a fan.

    The Bluetooth connection seems to work effortlessly, and my iPod paired without issue.

    I've looked at the B&Ws, Klipsch KMC3, Bose Soundlink, NAD Viso's, Samsung Tube systems, and a few lesser systems, and this one, to me, is the absolute best.

    I tried the Klipsch KMC3, and to be honest, that's a really nice unit in its own right. However, it just doesn't compare to the Deepblue.

    If you're thinking about getting one of these, stop thinking about it and do it. Yeah, it's that good.

    Pairing with two different iPhones was a breeze.

    I am in love with this system :)

    Peachtree Audio has set the bar so high that the best anyone else can do is just to try & equal it (good luck with that!)

    You will spend hours & hours going thru your music library astounded by the sound it produces - hear one - you'll own one!

    I wanted something for the house that would more or less stay in one place, but could easily be moved.

    I had a bunch of small portable wired and bluetooth speakers, but they all compromised sound quality for portability and/or price.

    One of the first things I noticed, after I noticed how heavy and solid feeling this thing is (16+ pounds!), was its ability of the 6.5 inch bass driver to put out incredible bass.

    The bluetooth connection is very solid, probably the most stable of the bluetooth speakers and even headphones I have.

    In a class of its own.

    It doesn't get any better than this!!!!

    Computer Audiophile review of deepblue

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    "A $399 product that sounds this good and is very easy to use is a dream come true for audiophiles looking to spread the word about our wonderful hobby. Take note, the new HiFi ambassador to the world is here and its name is deepblue."

    "deepblue...has impressed every person who has entered my house since it arrived a few weeks ago."

    "Connecting through Bluetooth is beyond easy...No matter what music I put through deepblue I was impressed by the sound quality. deepblue produces sound that's far larger than its physical size..."

    "It's the best small table top type of audio device I've heard...deepblue = CASH List = No Brainer."

    Read the full Computer Audiophile review...

    Audio insiders on deepblue . . .

    "I walked past a room on Thursday setup night about 11:00PM and thought a big system was being broken in. Upon entering the room two very smiley gentleman offered a dram and I listened to the biggest small system ever. This is a killer!"
    - Steve Davis AXPONA North America

    "...the little deepblue system suddenly pounded out some shockingly deep bass. It beats the snot out of the tabletop systems I've heard lately. The final shock? The target price is $399. I'm still flabbergasted."
    - Scot Hull

    "I don't know how Peachtree got this bass, but its damn impressive. If all of my friends who own crappy Bose systems bought one of these I'd actually enjoy music at their house!"
    - Michael Mercer

    "The DeepBlue didn't sound awesome for $399, it just sounded awesome. And I'm excited."
    - Brian Van Eerden

    "Sounded awesome in a barn of a room with 30' ceilings. Still trying to figure out where you hid the subwoofer."
    - Alan Guyes Audiotronics

    "When we were asked how much we thought it would cost, we said $500-700 since it sounds as good or better as other music players costing that and more. At $399 it's a steal! Can't wait to get one for my bedroom, or living room, or both!"
    - Adam "JR" Stoffel Crutchfield

    "This product is truly awesome, and in my opinion simply crushes anything in this category currently on the market. deepblue is poised to be a 'gateway drug' for the next generation of music lovers out there, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to expose a much broader audience to the world of High-End Audio in this way."
    - Jon Zimmer Sound Representation

    "Peachtree has a $399 Bluetooth Speaker that challenges the top of the pack at twice the price. No question that consumers will buy this item if they do a listening test."
    - David Wasserman Stereo Exchange

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