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    Michael Shrieve

    Over the course of his eminent career, Michael Shrieve has written, produced and played on albums that have sold millions of copies worldwide. As the original drummer for Santana, Michael - at age nineteen - was the youngest performer at Woodstock. He helped create the first eight albums of this seminal group, and was on the forefront of shaping a new musical era.

    Michael is recognized as a rock drummer, groundbreaking percussionist and progressive electronic composer. His numerous collaborations include work with Stomu Yamash'ta, Klaus Schulze, Steve Roach, David Beal, David Torn, Andy Summers, Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones, George Harrison, Rodger Hodgson, John McLaughlin, Freddie Hubbard and Bill Frisell among others. He composes music for both film and television, and is continuing to strive for innovative approaches to percussion-based music.

    Michael Shrieve was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

    Michael Shrieve Michael Shrieve

    Peachtree Playlist #3 five female singers

    This week I’m featuring five of my favorite female singers outside of the United States or England, or generally out of the Pop or R and B categories. That’s a whole other playlist or ten!

    My original idea was to play ten different artists, but for each one of these singers I just had to play at least two of my favorite songs of theirs so you could get a little more insight and then go seek out more of their music if you like.

    1) BEBEL GILBERTO "Aganju" and "August Day Song" As the daughter of Brazilian singer-songwriter-composer Joao Gilberto, Bebel comes from serious Brazilian Music Royalty. These two songs are a couple of my favorites from her. The first song is a remix of the original that I heard first, and prefer over the original, and the second song is written by another of my favorite Brazilian artists, Carlinhos Brown.

    2) SUSANA BACA "Macorina" and "La Noche del Dia" Simply one of my all time favorite female singers, Susana Baca is a Peruvian artist, who turned her attention to researching the Afro-Peruvian tradition. With her husband she founded the Instituto Negrocontinuo (Black Continuum) in Lima, which is dedicated to preserving Afro-Peruvian culture. She released a new EP, Seis Poemas, in 2009, following it with the full-length Afrodiaspora in 2011. I had the pleasure of playing drums on several tracks on Afrodiaspora.

    3) CESARIA EVORA "Sangue de Beirona" and "Tchintchirote" Cesaria Evora is a singer from Cape Verde, sometimes known as the “Barefoot Singer” for her singing in guess what? Barefoot! The lilting grooves and acoustic instrumentation featuring the sound of a clarinet is positively enchanting. And that’s even before mentioning her voice. The first time I heard Cesaria’s voice was when I was on an island in Greece, with no place to stay, and as I walked down the beach looking for a hotel, I passed many cafes and curiously enough every one of them was playing this singer that I had never heard before. And every time, it sounded just perfect as a foreground to the white sound and blue water. I was hooked! And if you haven’t heard her before, I’m sure you’ll be too!

    4) DULCE PONTES "Tirioni" and "Fado-Mae" Dulce Pontes sings in a Portuguese musical form called “Fado”, which is loosely captured by the word “suadade or "longing”, symbolizing a feeling of loss, which interesting enough is similar to the music style “Morna” which is from Cape Verde, where Cesaria Evora is from. The first time I heard Dulce was her singing “Tirioni”, which is included here. I was mesmerized by the sound of the acoustic guitar stating the melody in the beginning, and then when her voice came in, so passionate, so mournful, it was all over for me. I’m a sucker for Spanish, Portuguese, Northern African and ancient Hebrew, and Middle Eastern melodies. I loved it so much I said out loud that I was going to record this song. It will be on the next release of my band “Spellbinder” coming out soon. Enjoy!

    5) LILA DOWNS "Agua De Rosas" and "Una Noche en Nápoles" Mexican American singer Lila Downs is recognized for her flamboyant, diverse and outré contributions to the music industry through her traditional and authentic fashion, the majority of which are based around Mexico's indigenous peoples' styles, cultures and heritages, which show through her performances and music videos. Again, it’s that passion I always look for in any singer. It doesn’t have to be loud, it’s just got to have that “thing”. The second song here is a collaboration with Carlos Santana from his latest album Corazon.

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    Peachtree Playlist #2

    1) FLORATONE “Floratone” This was the first of two more or less jam recordings done by guitarist Bill Frisell and drummer Matt Chamberlain, who then handed the tapes over to Producers Tucker Martine and Lee Townsend. Very groovy. Call it “Ambient Americana”.

    2) ROBERT PLANT “Angel Dance” From Robert Plant’s 2010 release Band of Joy, with vocals also from future ex Patty Griffin and the tremendous talent of guitarist Buddy Miller.

    3) ROSANNE CASH “A Feather’s Not a Bird” From the guitar of Buddy Miller we smoothly go to the slinky guitar of John Leventhal on Rosanne Cash’s masterpiece The River and the Thread produced and co-written with husband Leventhal. Great songwriting and storytelling.

    4) MICHAEL SHRIEVE “Gaugin’s Regret” from my album Stiletto with trumpeter/film composer Mark Isham, guitarists Andy Summers and David Torn with bass player Terje Gevelt.

    5) RACHID TAHA “Barra Barra” I first heard this song in the film Blackhawk Down and was immediately struck with its intensity and urgency, so much that I put a band together based on its sound called “Tangletown”. Unreleased but coming sometime!

    6) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE “Let The Groove Get In” This might seem like a strange transition to some, but not to me. I love to play drums to JT’s grooves!

    7) BJORK “Army of Me” I’ll let Bjork explain this one: Imagine you’re in a club full of heavy metal types and grunge people. "Army Of Me" is like someone’s granny blasting out over the PA and saying, "Snap out of it! Stop whining! Wash your hair! Smarten yourself up!"

    8) MICHAEL SHRIEVE AND DAVID BEAL “Rocked In The Cradle of the Deep” From an older album we did together that was completely created percussively, meaning all the sounds were triggered by hitting trigger pads with sticks. In other words it’s a “Percussion Record”.

    9) SANTANA “Guajira” One of my favorites of the old Santana material and one of my favorite Carlos Santana guitar solos. Also note the smooth time change from 4/4 to 6/8 and back to 4/4 behind the guitar solo!

    10) ROBERTO FONSECA “Bibisa” The dazzling Cuban pianist with the haunting voice of Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara. A real gem.

    And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed this playlist. See you next time!

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    Peachtree Playlist #1 a blues-based playlist

    1) BUDDY GUY “What Kind of Woman is This?" Sometimes I’ll be scanning through music, looking for something new and interesting, perhaps something I haven’t heard before, when I’ll come upon something that just hits me so hard, and brings me back to a place that I’d forgotten about, like an old friend. And sometimes the blues is like that. That’s what happened when I came across this song by Buddy Guy. The groove, the feel, and that voice! Got to have it.

    2) JOHN MAYALL AND THE BLUESBREAKERS "All Your Love" In my teens growing up in the Bay Area, this John Mayall record seemed to be in every musician's house I walked into. Certainly every aspiring guitar player. The record, featuring a young Eric Clapton, was one that every guitarist attempted to learn note for note. Many great English Blues players came through John Mayall's bands. Eric Clapton left this band to form Cream after hearing Buddy Guy in a trio setting, and than Peter Green replaced Clapton. When Peter Green left this band, he started Fleetwood Mac, and he was replaced by Mick Taylor, who was in the band until The Rolling Stones nicked him to replace Brian Jones.

    3) JACKSON BROWNE "Live Nude Cabaret" I first heard this beautiful song at a live performance celebrating Jackson Browne at the Experience Music Project or EMP in Seattle. Jackson sang it with an all-star back up band and its haunting beauty drew me in immediately. It's from Jackson's latest record Time The Conqueror, and it exhibits Jackson's still thriving songwriting gifts. Beautiful chord changes and lyrics as well. I'm looking forward to hearing some people cover this one.

    4) FLEETWOOD MAC "Black Magic Woman" I'm often amused and surprised that so many people aren't aware that this Santana classic was originally written by Peter Green and recorded by Fleetwood Mac. When I first heard this song many moons ago, I brought it to Santana singer and organ player Gregg Rolie and suggested to him that it would be the perfect vehicle for his voice, and for the band to play. It took Gregg many months of playing this song in sound checks while on the road, to try to get Carlos and the guys interested in playing it. Thank God they finally did, and we slowly worked up our version of it. Instead of going to the shuffle on the end we inserted Gabor Szabo's "Gypsy Queen" on the end.

    5) SANTANA "Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen" And here is our version…

    6) GABOR SZABO "Gypsy Queen" Hungarian guitarist Gabor Szabo was a big influence on Carlos Santana's guitar playing. His style of "modal" playing fit Carlos perfectly and his conga player, Victor Pantoja, was a huge influence on Santana's Michael Carabello. Gabor's drummer Chico Hamilton was a big influence in my style of drumming with Santana as well. This is where we got the second half of "Black Magic Woman". I think it's fun to go back and see where things come from.

    7) MAVIS STAPLES "You're Not Alone" I've always been a huge fan of female singers, and Mavis Staples has always been at the top of that list. When I first heard her sing "A House is Not a Home" many years ago, I was hooked. In 1971 a group of musicians flew together in a chartered airplane to Ghana to perform a concert together that was filmed and released as Soul to Soul. ON that plane were The Staple Singers, Roberta Flack, Les McCann, Eddie Harris, Wilson Pickett, The Voices of East Harlem and Ike and Tina Turner!  ON the plane I sat in between Roberta Flack and Mavis Staples and played them my mix tape (Cassette!) of female singers. Of course, they were both on my tape. Some years later they released a DVD of the concert and they asked myself and Mavis Staples to each do a voiceover track. On the track Mavis said, " Yep, we had Mike Shrieve sitting between me and Roberta just a like an Oreo Cookie!" 2013 saw the release of a Mavis record produced by Jeff Tweedy, who also penned this beautiful song, "You're Not Alone" with one of my favorite lines: "Open up this is a raid. I want to get through to you. You're not alone"

    8) LEONARD COHEN "Almost Like The Blues" I'm not a diehard Leonard Cohen fan, but when I first heard this song from his recent album Popular Problems my ears perked up. What I love is the sound and feel of the whole thing. A great musical and sonic bed for his 80 year old voice courtesy of Producer and co-writer Patrick Leonard.

    9) THE ROOTS "The Seed 2.0" I've always loved the sound and feel of this record too by The Roots as well. It always made me think of The Stones or at least Keith Richards on the guitar.

    10) KIRK FRANKLIN "He Reigns/Awesome God" I first heard this song in The Gospel and just had to find it after the film was over. It grooves so hard, it's just ridiculous. And you have to see Kirk Franklin perform it live. Just go to YouTube and check for it. It's awesome too!

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