M25 Powered Speakers

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    From the Decco to the M25

    Ten years ago Peachtree Audio recognized that music lovers were assembling great music collections on their computers. So we introduced the original Decco, an integrated amplifier with built-in DAC (digital-to-analog converter). For the first time music lovers and audiophiles could easily convert the digital 1's and 0's of their music files into true HiFi sound - and the computer audio industry was born!

    on the desktop

    Today, Peachtree knows you want great sound from all your sources and from all your devices - effortlessly and conveniently. Enter the Peachtree Audio M25 powered loudspeaker!

    What Is the M25?

    The M25 is a pair of powered loudspeakers. Powered speakers have the electronics built right in so you can connect your sources and enjoy your music without lots of equipment and wires. Because the drivers (woofer and tweeter) and amplifiers are designed as a system, the value that powered speakers offer is hard to beat. They produce sound that typically costs hundreds more to achieve using traditional audio components.

    Most Powered Loudspeakers Don't "Get It"!

    Powered loudspeakers are convenient and cost-effective. But most are severely limited in connectivity. Many offer ONLY a 3.5mm analog input jack. Want to hear the music on your computer at its best? You need a USB digital input. Want to quickly stream your Spotify or Tidal playlist? Bluetooth can make it easy. Want to enjoy music from another digital device? You'll need an optical digital input. Are you loving vinyl these days? Then you'll be frustrated with no phono input.

    M25 with turntable

    Peachtree's M25 gives you ALL these input options! You're no longer limited by a lack of connectivity. After all, what's the point of even a great sounding powered speaker system if you can't listen to your vinyl (assuming you've discovered the joys of record collecting)? Or why buy a powered speaker that throttles the quality of your entire computer music collection because you have to send every single note out through the computer's headphone jack?

    So just as Peachtree identified and met the needs of music lovers a decade ago, today we bring you a great sounding powered loudspeaker that fits your needs and your space and budget.

    The Peachtree M25 - Connect With Your Music

    24/96 USB digital audio input

    Enjoy up to 24/96 digital audio direct through the USB input. Or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth from a PC or mobile device.

    24/96 optical digital audio input for an audio streamer, TV or other digital device

    M speaker with SONOS Connect

    The M25 with a SONOS Connect - a great combo for superior multi-room sound!

    Phono input

    Connect your turntable directly to the M25 - no separate phono preamp needed! The M25s plus turntable combine to provide a budget-friendly, high performance HiFi - a great way to get started toward your ultimate Peachtree Audio system!

    Bluetooth for wireless connection from a mobile device or computer (including A/V Remote Control Profile)

    M25 inputs

    Enjoy wireless Bluetooth streaming! Select tracks and play/pause with the M25's remote control.

    Additional M25 Features

    • 5.25" fiberglass woofer
    • 1" soft-dome tweeter
    • Subwoofer output for additional bass
    • 5V USB charging port to keep your mobile device charged
    • IR wireless remote control with power, input and bass and treble controls
    • Front panel volume control and input selection
    • Front panel LEDs indicate power and selected input
    • Power amplification: 2 X 50W
    • 10.2 inches tall, 6.6 inches wide and 8 inches deep (including connectors)
    • It's from Peachtree so it sounds great!

    The inputs of the M25 accommodate all of the sources most people use today to enjoy music at their desk or in their home. If you need more than the M25 offers, please consider one of our nova integrated amplifiers!

    The Peachtree M25 - Real Wood Cabinets

    Choose gorgeous Piano Black or real Bamboo. Speakers include removable grilles.

    M25 bamboo sample

    Bamboo Cabinet Sample

    The Peachtree M25 - It's Easy and Fun!

    M25 remote control

    M Base

    Peachtree Audio M Base

    M25 (pair)


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