nova trade up

    We make it easy to upgrade from your current Peachtree integrated amp, preamp/amp combo or DAC. Receive a generous credit for your current Peachtree component when you trade it in toward a new nova300 or nova150. Let's get started! (Some restrictions apply*)

    Select your product below, fill in your personal information and click "Submit":

    1. You’ll receive confirmation and a prepaid FedEx shipping label via email to send your Peachtree product to our headquarters in North Carolina.
    2. Once your eligible product is on the way to us we'll email you a unique coupon code to use toward your new nova300 or nova150 at
    3. Enter your coupon code at checkout. Your Trade-Up Credit will be automatically deducted from the purchase price.
    4. Your new Peachtree nova will be shipped directly to you - no charge for shipping.
    5. Happy Listening!

    If you wish to purchase a nova300 or nova150 from your Peachtree retailer, please contact your dealer for trade-up instructions. (Peachtree owners in Canada: Please contact a Peachtree retailer to participate in the Trade Up Program.)

    Want your new nova AS SOON AS POSSIBLE? Don't want to be without an amplifier in your system for even a day? Order your nova300 or nova150* NOW. Submit this Trade-Up Credit form by midnight, June 30th and we'll email you a prepaid FedEx shipping label for your current amplifier, preamp/amp or DAC. After your new nova arrives, pack up your old Peachtree and take it to a FedEx location. As soon as we receive your shipment we'll refund the amount of your Trade-Up Credit to your credit card.

    *Not all Peachtree models are eligible for credit toward the nova150.

    Select Your Product

    (The Grand Integrated, nova150, sonaDAC+sonaAMP, novaPre+Peachtree220 and nova220SE are eligible for credit toward the nova300 only.)

      (1) eligible for credit toward the nova300 only

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    • Eligibility Restriction: Grand Integrated, nova150, sonaDAC+sonaAMP, novaPre+Peachtree220 and nova220SE are eligible for trade-up credit toward the nova300 only.
    • All customer products received by Peachtree Audio via the Trade-Up Program become the property of Peachtree Audio.
    • Coupon codes issued by Peachtree Audio for use at are personal to each customer and limited to a one-time use. Codes expire after 14 days if not used.
    • The Peachtree Audio Trade-Up Program ends at midnight Pacific time June 30, 2019. To participate, you must have submitted your trade-up information prior to the deadline. It is understood that the trade-up process, including shipping your trade-in to Peachtree and completing the purchase of your new amplifier, may extend beyond this date. All Trade-Up Program transactions must be concluded not later than 30 days after the Program end date.
    • Eligible products that are not functioning but are in reasonable physical condition WILL BE ACCEPTED for trade-up credit.
    • Otherwise eligible products that are damaged beyond repair or have the serial number removed may be rejected at Peachtree’s discretion. Please email us if you have questions or concerns about your product's condition or eligibility: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
    • Peachtree Audio reserves the right to disallow or reduce any trade-up credit at its sole discretion.
    • Participation in the Trade Up Program is limited to Peachtree owners in the United States. (Peachtree owners in Canada may participate through their Peachtree retailer.)