nova500 trade up

    For a limited time, owners of any Peachtree integrated amp, preamp/amp combo or DAC can easily Trade Up to the new nova500! You'll receive a generous trade allowance for your current Peachtree when you trade it in toward the nova500 - without the hassles of selling your older amp or DAC!

    Learn How Easy It Is To Trade Up To Peachtree's Best - The AWESOME nova500 Integrated Amplifier!

    Are you in Canada? Please contact your Peachtree retailer for Trade Up Program details including a generous trade-up allowance for your current Peachtree. Click here for a list of Peachtree dealers in Canada.

    The nova500 is designed to provide the ultimate link between all of your source devices and your speakers with the most powerful and “cleanest” amplifier section we have have ever offered. But the nova500 isn’t designed to simply reproduce music loudly. It is designed to deliver music the way the creators intended; with the ease, authority, musicality and emotional impact provided by the world's best recordings.

    The most advanced Peachtree integrated amplifier EVER...the incredible nova500!

    • Built-in, state-of-the-art, power amplifier with an astounding 500 watts per channel
    • ESS 9028 PRO Sabre DAC with up to 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and 5.6MHz DSD resolution
    • Fully differential (balanced) audio circuitry from the digital inputs to the output
    • Exclusive DyNEC iOS input for audio streaming from Apple Lightning devices
    • Asynchronous USB, (1) coaxial and (2) optical digital inputs for connection to virtually any source device
    • Phono (MM) input for direct connection of a turntable (can also double as a standard line-level input)
    • Home Theater Bypass for easy integration with a multi-channel system (also doubles as a standard line-level input) driving the front speakers for listening to stereo music
    • Volume Control Bypass feature for use with variable output source devices
    • Switchable loop feature for inserting an external EQ or other sound processor into the signal path
    • Discrete, high-output, custom-designed headphone amplifier
    • Extensive internal grounding
    • Optional wireless input streaming module (available 2019)
    • Available in Piano Black and Gloss Ebony Mocha
    • Proudly assembled in Matthews, NC, USA