nova150 firmware update

    Release Date: April 6, 2018
    Firmware Release:
    File name: nova_GA.nova150.
    Issues addressed:
      1. Loud clicks when changing between two bypassed inputs. (Clicks may still be audible at a reduced level.)
      2. Phono input goes full volume bypass in certain input switching scenarios.
      3. Coming out of standby, the first button press sometimes does not take.
      4. ICE Amps do not recover soon enough when turned on quickly after being turned off.
      5. False power down events triggering no audio situation.
      6. Volume does not reset to default when coming out of standby and into HTB input mode.
      7. Audio comes out through headphones when switching to HTB input.


    1. Download the .upd firmware update file to a computer.
    2. Insert a USB thumb drive* into that computer and create a folder named PEACHTREE on the thumb drive. Be sure this folder is at "root level" on the thumb drive and not inside another folder. *MAXIMUM 8GB. A larger capacity drive will not be read by the nova.
    3. Place the .upd firmware update file into the PEACHTREE folder.
    4. Remove the USB thumb drive from the computer.
    5. UPDATE
    6. Turn OFF the POWER switch on the rear panel of the Nova.
    7. Insert the USB thumb drive into the SERVICE ONLY port on the rear panel.
    8. Press and HOLD the front panel On/Standby button while turning ON the POWER switch on the rear panel. (Keep the front panel On/Standby button depressed for ~1 sec until the Standby LED starts blinking red (indicating it's in the firmware update mode).
    9. The blue input LEDs will begin lighting left to right to indicate the update progress (this process may repeat multiple times depending on the update).
    10. When the update is complete, the blue LOOP LED will flash slowly (the update may only take a few seconds for a minor update).
    11. FINISH
    12. Once again turn OFF the POWER switch on the rear panel of the Nova.
    13. Remove the USB thumb drive.
    14. Turn the POWER switch on the rear panel of the Nova back ON and use as normal. Enjoy the music!

    Download firmware update here: nova_GA.nova150.

    • The Nova picks the first file it finds with the prefix "Nova_" or "nova_" in the PEACHTREE folder on the USB thumb drive. If there is more than one update file on the thumb drive (i.e., from previous updates), delete the older ones from the USB thumb drive before inserting it into the SERVICE ONLY port on the rear panel of the Nova.
    • If there is an error during the firmware update process, all 8 blue input LEDs will flash (instead of the LOOP LED flashing to indicate success). Repeat the update process beginning with step 5.