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Amplifiers engineered for the way you listen.

Peachtree Audio's integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers and preamplifier/DACs are designed for the way you listen to music today. Every Peachtree integrated amplifier features a built-in high-resolution digital-to-analog converter (DAC) - allowing you to access and reproduce a wide range of music at the highest quality possible. Peachtree power amplifiers are engineered to real-world standards, allowing your speakers - when driven by Peachtree power - to perform to their maximum potential. Some amplifiers look good on paper, designed to a specification. Peachtree Audio amplifiers drive real speakers, taking in stride the often difficult demands placed on an amplifier by the speaker designer. The preamplifier, whether a separate component or as part of an all-in-one integrated amplifier, plays a critical role in the sound chain. Every musical signal goes through the preamp stage: it is vital. At Peachtree we take as much care in the design of the preamp stage of our integrated amps as of our stand-alone preamplifier/DACs. The preamplifier also serves as the control center for your Hi-Fi system. Peachtree products allow you to control your system easily and intuitively, without unnecessary complexity.

At Peachtree Audio we urge you to "Enjoy the Music". We design every amplifier with that goal.

nova500 Gloss Ebony Mocha
Regular price $2,999.00
nova in Gloss Ebony Mocha
Regular price $1,999.00 $1,799.00
nova150 Piano black
Regular price $1,499.00 $1,299.00
GaN400 front panel Gloss Ebony Mocha
Regular price $2,999.00
preDAC and GaN400 in Ash
preDAC + GaN400 Bundle
Regular price $4,498.00
Regular price $1,499.00
preDAC and amp500 stack in Gloss Ebony Mocha
preDAC + amp500 Bundle
Regular price $3,498.00
Bluesound NODE
Bluesound NODE
Regular price $599.00
node 2i front
Bluesound NODE 2i - Open Box
Regular price $549.00 $399.00
POWERNODE (black) angle view
Regular price $949.00
Bluesound VAULT 2i black
Bluesound VAULT 2i
Regular price $1,399.00

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