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Amplifier with DAC - Decco Amplifier DAC with Tube

The original integrated amplifier with ESS Sabre DAC on board. The fantastic start of the Peachtree line and beloved by many Peachtree fans.



Want to make digital music files sound right the easy way? Use a Decco!

The Decco is an audiophile-grade 50 watt per channel, hybrid tube integrated amplifier. HUH? This means your music travels through a tube section which smooths the sound significantly before it's then sent to a high-current amplifier section. The Decco has an onboard digital to analog converter that sonically improves digital sources. Your computer, Squeezebox®, Apple TV®, Wadia digital iTransport®, Airport®, Sonos®, XM or Sirius® tuners are but a few that have never sounded better than through the Decco D/A converter. The Decco has a USB input for your computer, a coax and optical input for any of the digital devices listed above. It also has two analog inputs for docking stations, CD players, tape decks or phono preamp.

If you're a headphone lover, the Decco has a superb headphone section that mutes the speakers when headphones are plugged in.

If you want to add a subwoofer or outboard amplifier, the Decco features a variable preamp-output.

Whether it's digital or analog, the Decco will make it sound great! It's truly the most versatile integrated amplifier on the market.

Now all the time, effort and money you've spent ripping CDs and downloading music is rewarded with truly incredible sound. Although lossless encoding is recommended for the best, even compressed MP3 files sound almost indistinguishable from the original CD when played through the Decco.

If you're a beginner, check out our web site. We have lots of great information to get you started right.




• 3 digital inputs: USB/Toslink/SPDIF digital inputs
• Decodes mp3, mp4, flac, AFF, wav, plus all others
• Tube pre-amp section

• 50 watt per channel high current A/B amplifier

• 2 analog inputs

• +5dB, 55Hz bass EQ for small speakers

• Detachable power cord

• Multi voltage switchable toridal power transformer

• Preamp Stereo output for additional amplifier or subwoofer

• Remote control

• Slot in back to hide Sonos® ZP80

15"W x 5"H x 14"D 22lbs out of box, 24 lbs in box

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