Grand Integrated X-1

Grand Integrated Amplifier - Asynchronous USB DAC

440 watts of brushed titanium power, asynchronous USB, Bascom King hybrid tube preamplifier and 24bit/192kHz ESS Sabre DAC come together in a truly no-holds-barred integrated amplifier.


440 watts of Peachtree performance!

The Grand Integrated X-1's aluminum faceplate is over ½ inch thick with engraved input names that won't rub off.

The class A headphone amplifier will push any headphone on the market to its full potential, as reported in 6moons.

The Grand Integrated X-1 is Peachtree’s no-holds-barred integrated amp. It houses four custom matched components in one box, saving you space without compromise. In this one chassis, you’ll find a high resolution DAC, a hybrid tube preamplifier with a VCA volume control, a 440 wpc balanced amplifier, and a state of the art headphone amp. It’s so simple to use, anyone can enjoy great sound at the push of a button and the turn of a knob.

The updated X-1 model employs an XMOS receiving chip that’s driver free for Mac and uses only a simple driver for Windows.

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Grand Integrated X-1


The Reasons It Sounds So Good

Preamp and Amp Synergy was the goal from the start. The on-board 440 watt per channel Class D amplifier was voiced to work in perfect harmony and highlight the sonic signature of the Grand Pre. This combination creates a sound that is nothing short of awesome. The added ability to drive the most demanding speakers makes the Grand Integrated X-1 an easy choice for the discerning music lover who demands the dynamic range and SPL that only big power can deliver.



The ESS Sabre32 9018 Digital-to-Analog Converter is widely recognized as the world’s best 32-bit DAC and we obviously agree. It’s specially designed for jitter-prone sources using Hyperstream Reclocking, a patented Time Domain Jitter Eliminator that knocks down all incoming jitter to almost immeasurable levels! That means you can have unmatched audio clarity from all of your digital sources including your computer, digital streamer, CD player, even your cable box.


The 24/192 Asynchronous USB Input furthers the efforts of the ESS Sabre DAC. Asynchronous communication allows a high-precision clock inside the Grand Integrated X-1 to control the flow of information from computer to DAC. This further keeps jitter at bay by not relying on the less precise audio clock in the computer.


Galvanic Isolation prevents electrical noise from entering the DAC board on all grounded digital inputs. Any contamination due to the switching power supply, multiple ground points, and high-speed processing is isolated from the DAC so nothing but pure 1’s and 0’s reach the board. That means better signal, less noise and the most significant improvements in USB sound quality overall.


The Bascom King Tube Buffer uses two musically legendary 12AU7s to smooth the harsh digital edge found in poor recordings and compressed audio. The headphone amp signal is run through the tube stage so you can plug in your favorite set of cans and enjoy that smooth tube sound in solitude. A tube bypass button, found on the remote control, allows for solid state or hybrid tube listening modes.


Home Theater Bypass makes it possible to have a high-performance stereo system work in conjunction with your home theater by using the Grand Integrated X-1 as an amplifier while watching movies and as a full-featured component when listening to music. You can have your theater and your music, too!


The Amp is 90% energy efficient with very little heat output and very low THD. Want virtually unlimited dynamics? The Grand Integrated X-1's got 'em.



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