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Carina GaN

Direct Digital GaN Integrated Amplifier

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• 200 watts per channel state-of-the-art GaN power
• Zero feedback design
• Direct digital inputs
• Analog input switchable between MM phono or AUX
• Home Theater Bypass
• OLED front panel display

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Matt Greene
Great integrated for my needs

I have been in the market for an integrated amplifier for a while and finally decided on the Peachtree Carina Gan which has been a great decision. I wanted to replace a DAC + vacuum tube preamp + Amp combo with an all in one unit. I have been advised to buy an all analog integrated and keep the DAC separate as this is easier to upgrade down the line. I looked into lots of options but ultimately decided that since I listen to all digital sources (Apple TV and Bluesound Node 2i) that I really wanted to upgrade the digital section as well as the amplifier. I really like the idea of the all in one as it eliminates the guess work of synergy and it functions as a unit. I paired the unit with MartinLogan Ethos speakers and what I immediately noticed was a much more dynamic presentation. My Logans sound much more impactful and they have a much better sense of rhythm. I think my tube preamp was adding a nice quality to vocals but at the expense of overall clarity, dynamics and drive. Overall, I am very pleased with the Peachtree and think the unit matches very well with Martin Logans.




Carina is a name in the Italian language that roughly translates to “pretty" and is derived from the Latin word Carus that means “beloved." We are confident that Carina looks and performs better than anything else in its price range - and many products that cost significantly more - and that Carina will earn a place in your musical heart!

The Carina GaN

The Carina GaN is a 200 watts-per-channel integrated amplifier incorporating the revolutionary GaN-FET technology found in the Peachtree GaN 1. It provides a musical path to your speakers that is remarkably direct and artifact-free. Want to hear all of the intricate details in your music that have always been there but you couldn't quite hear before? The Carina GaN is for YOU! It accepts 5 digital inputs including Bluetooth plus an analog input switchable between MM phono and AUX and will drive virtually any speaker with authority, dynamics and finesse.

What makes the Carina GaN special?

First and foremost is the GaN-FET amplifier module. It has several inherent advantages in a power amplifier that even the best MOS-FET designs simply cannot achieve. A GaN-FET power stage provides a precise high-power reproduction of the Class-D PWM signal with extremely high linearity. This linearity eliminates the need for ANY feedback, ultimately allowing for the best possible audio quality providing clean, clear middle and high frequencies and a tight, solid reproduction of low frequencies. GaN-FETs track the complex audio waveforms so much more accurately than MOS-FETs resulting in significantly more transparent and natural sound. The difference is something even a casual listener will hear and appreciate.

The Carina GaN is designed so that it does NOT even require a digital-to-analog-converter (DAC) for its digital sources. The digital audio signal at the input of the Carina GaN directs the amplifier outputs to drive the speakers. That's it - no DAC needed! Just a direct musical path from your digital source to your speakers. And for your analog sources the Carina GaN utilizes a high-end AKM analog to digital converter to achieve the cleanest path possible to the GaN-FET power module.

Why we made Carina

Very simply, to establish a new price/performance benchmark for integrated amplifiers. Our ongoing testing of available technologies has identified a combination of DAC, preamplifier and power amplifier technologies that work extremely well together to create an exceptional listening experience at a reasonable price. A Carina is an easy-to-use, highly transparent integrated amplifier that drives a wide range of speakers (and headphones!) with ease.

Carina GaN highlights



  • Two ESS 9068 DAC chips, dual mono (one for the left channel, one for the right channel)
    [Carina GaN DACs used for the headphone and preamp outputs only]
  • Accepts HD audio input up to 768k PCM and 512k DSD
  • Selectable digital filter settings including oversampling on/off


  • Moving Magnet (MM) phono input switchable to line level (AUX) or Home Theater Bypass (HTB)


  • Fully balanced analog circuitry
  • High-performance, hybrid volume control (combination analog resistor ladder/digital attenuation)
  • User selectable all-digital volume control option
  • Bluetooth 5.0 input with HD audio decoding
  • Preamp output for connecting to a powered subwoofer or external power amplifier


  • Power DAC topology [The Carina GaN amplifier performs the digital to analog conversion function for the speaker outputs]
  • 200 watts-per-channel GaN power amplifier with separate regulated power supply [Same output power from 4-8 Ohms]
  • Fully-balanced headphone amplifier with a 4.4mm T/R/R/R/S output (1/4" unbalanced output also provided)


  • Timeless Peachtree Audio industrial design crafted out of aluminum, wrapped in real wood, and finished in gloss ebony mocha or piano black
  • High-quality OLED front panel display with an intuitive dual knob user interface
  • Trigger input and output for power on/off control to or from another device
  • Hand-held remote control with integrated commands for Bluesound devices (NODE, VAULT, etc.)

How does Carina sound?

Carina amplifiers are our best sounding integrated amplifiers ever, period. Even better than the highly regarded nova series, the Grand Integrated and the original classic nova and decco amplifiers that have come before. And to celebrate this achievement we have broken with tradition and given it a unique name: Carina.

How does Carina compare to the nova150/300/500?
Simply stated, model for model Carina is better. It has a superior DAC, preamplifier, power amplifier and headphone amplifier. Each of these functions has been upgraded to take advantage of recent technology advancements and integrated in a design with several small but significant enhancements to achieve remarkable sound quality.

Features in Carina that are not available in the nova series:

  • Dual DAC chip design

HD audio input up to 768k PCM and 512 DSDFull MQA decoding on ALL inputsFully balanced circuitry from the DACs to the power and headphone amplifiersFully balanced headphone outputHigh-performance, hybrid volume control (combination analog resistor ladder/digital attenuation)Bluetooth 5.0 input with HD audio decodingOLED front panel display with large charactersNumeric volume control rangeTrigger input and output (nova150/300/500 have a trigger output)



Dual DAC and Balanced Analog Design

The Carina GaN utilizes two ESS Technology 9068 DAC chips in dual-mono mode with one chip dedicated to the left channel and the other to the right channel. ESS is a leader in audiophile DAC design and manufacturing and their 9068 is the successor to the 9038 which, in turn, is the successor to the venerable 9018. The 9068 achieves excellent THD+N (120dB) and DNR (128dBA) and is also the world's first audio DAC with a built-in MQA hardware renderer. The 9068 DAC chip performs exceptionally well on its own, but when two are used in dual-mono mode, the measured performance and sonic transparency is elevated to an even higher level. Peachtree Audio was the first premium audio brand to implement ESS DACs in its products beginning with the original nova in 2009 and has continued to use their DACs ever since.

To help ensure that the high quality analog signal from the DACs is preserved, the current to voltage converter stage features ultra low distortion op-amps, along with a balanced, class-A, discrete output stage to drive the volume control with a low source impedance. The volume control in the Carina GaN is designed to preserve the integrity of the sound even further by utilizing a high-performance resistor ladder (with .1% tolerance resistors) and digital attenuation hybrid design. This type of sophisticated volume control circuit is rare in a product in this price range, but provides ultra-precise control of the output level while maintaining exceptional channel balance throughout the volume range. With such a high quality DAC and preamplifier design in front of them, the power and headphone amplifiers are able to perform while providing greater transparency, less background noise and. ultimately, remarkable sonic clarity.

New Digital Features

The Carina GaN utilizes precision femtosecond crystal oscillators (digital clocks) to minimize phase noise and jitter. A custom designed FPGA with clock management and an additional phase lock loop reduces jitter even further, providing a level of control typically reserved for stand alone DACs. The DACs in the Carina are capable of supporting PCM up to 768kHz and DSD up to 512kHz via the USB-C input. These are the highest input sampling rates we have ever supported in our products and are available for users that want to experiment with sample rates. The Carina GaN also includes a digital filter setting for fine-tuning the sound of the DACs with 3 settings; L-FAST, H-FAST and M-SLOW. Each filter has an objective (measurable) and subjective (audible to most) effect on the sound. We encourage people to audition all three settings to determine the one that sounds the best to them. Most people will hear the differences in the high-frequency reproduction where they are most readily heard. There is also a no oversampling (NOS) setting in the Carina GaN, which sends the original digital signal straight to the modulator without any oversampling. This mode is useful for users to experiment with software-based oversampling features in products such as Roon.

Phono Input


The Carina GaN provides the vinyl lover a purpose-designed built-in moving magnet phono input. A high-end AKM analog-to-digital converter maintains the lowest noise floor possible for the delicate phono signal. No vinyl? Just switch the input to AUX.



We recommend using a Bluesound NODE or similar in conjunction with the Carina and streaming high-resolution audio from services such as Qobuz, Apple Music and amazon music HD. In our experience, the sound quality of all of these streaming services is impressive. The libraries are huge and the convenience is unmatched!


The Carina GaN has a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 receiver with HD audio decoding. It provides a convenient way to stream wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device. The Carina GaN also has a setting that only turns on the internal Bluetooth receiver when the Bluetooth input is selected. This minimizes the amount of RF inside the amplifier when using any of the wired inputs.


The 200 watts-per-channel GaN-FET power module provides a precise high-power reproduction of the Class-D PWM input signal with extremely high linearity. This linearity eliminates the need for ANY feedback, ultimately allowing for the best possible audio quality. The Carina GaN will drive virtually any speaker with ease and authority while maintaining low noise and terrific dynamics. The speaker outputs are high-quality CMC 5-way binding posts. The Carina GaN also provides a high-performance balanced headphone amplifier with a 4.4mm T/R/R/R/S output, plus a 1/4” unbalanced output for regular headphones. The power and clarity of the headphone amplifier is remarkable for an integrated amplifier and the balanced output is typically only found on dedicated headphone amplifiers!

Timeless Design

Peachtree Audio prides itself on making products that not only sound great, but look great and are easy to use. All of our products are meticulously crafted out of metal and wood and integrate with a wide range of interior designs from traditional to contemporary to post-modern. Carina introduces a high-quality OLED front panel display with large characters and a dual-knob user interface that retains the ease of use our products have always been known for along with the visual feedback many have requested. This display provides more information than our previous amplifiers and can be easily viewed from most listening positions.

Integration Features

  • Hand-held wireless IR remote control with integrated commands for Bluesound devices like the NODE, VAULT, etc.
  • Stereo preamp output for connecting a powered subwoofer or an external power amplifier like the GaN 400
  • Trigger input and output (1/8”) for power on/off control to or from another device


Carina GaN Specifications




Audio Pursuit logo 
Peachtree Carina GaN integrated amplifier takes GaN technology to the next level!

…a smoother, more solid-state comparable sound.

…Solid electrical engineering design will give all users a positive experience. I know I did.

…an improved phono stage that digs deeper.

Read the full review here: Peachtree Audio Carina GaN Review

Or check out the review on Youtube by clicking here:  Youtube


A Letter from a dedicated Peachtree fan

"The Carina is a lovely, musical integrated amplifier. I now enjoy listening to all kinds of
music including pieces I thought I knew. I am hearing things I never heard before on albums
and tracks that are longstanding favorites. Better yet, harshness from poor recordings are
less noticeable."

Read the full review letter here: Peachtree Carina GaN: When less is more


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