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Power Amplifier

• 500 watts per channel 
• Fully balanced topology 
• Balanced and unbalanced inputs 
• Discrete class-A buffer stage 
• Extremely low noise 
• Wide dynamic range 


"No matter what I threw at my system, the amp500 consistently delivered every bit of juice that my speakers wanted, and I always had the feeling that the reserve was plenty deep. The amp500 never broke a sweat."

The Peachtree amp500 features a staggering 500 watts per channel into 8 ohms and drives speakers all the way down to 2.5 ohms - AND up to their full potential. It features a custom designed, class-A input stage and balanced and unbalanced inputs for compatibility with virtually any preamplifier or music source. The amp500 is housed in the same beautiful chassis and cabinetry as our award-winning nova series of amplifiers.

500 watts per channel has never looked or sounded this good!

  • Drive ANY speaker with ease and headroom to spare
  • Exceptionally low noise, even compared to MUCH less powerful amps
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs with differential audio circuits
  • Custom designed class-A input stage
  • 127dB Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Aluminum front panel and chassis wrapped in a real wood cabinet finished in stunning Gloss Ebony Mocha or beautiful Piano Black

Imagine Your Music Emerging from a Black Background . . .

In the past, big powerful amplifiers have been great for dynamics and solid bass - but often at the expense of noise. In the amp500, Peachtree has achieved a high signal to noise ratio AND a very high power level - with both soft musical passages and huge dynamic crescendos seeming to emerge from a black background. It’s rare to find an amplifier this powerful and with a dynamic range capability of 123dB (127dB A-weighted). When a rim shot from a snare drum lifts you from your seat - that’s what this kind of power can do in your system. When the cannon from the 1812 Overture has the impact you’d expect at a live performance you realize that tons of power simply makes it sound more *real*. Yet at the same time you’ll get a nice delicate balance with a solo acoustic guitar or violin. High power and a high signal to noise ratio is what it’s all about.

Peachtree Audio's amp500 is a stand alone power amplifier based on the amplifier section of the nova500. It recreates the natural power and dynamics of live music with ease, and features a fully balanced topology that is extremely musical and faithful to the source material. The amp500 includes balanced and unbalanced inputs, a discrete class-A buffer stage and low-noise linear voltage regulators for input circuits. The amp500 effortlessly drives the wide range of high-performance speakers available today.


amp500 Specifications

amp500 specifications


Charles Umberger partners the preDAC with the amp500:

"Paired with the amp500 one could argue that it's a nova500 broken out into separate cabinets. In fact, it’s much more. "

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"Maybe I should have known how impressive the Peachtree amp500 would perform in my system with multiple speakers. But, I wasn’t prepared. The British have a great word that is absolutely fitting, “gobsmacked”. No matter what music or speakers I threw at the amp500, this sexy oval dynamo delivers beyond all expectations. Yes, I’m finding a way to keep the Peachtree amp500, it’s an absolute steal!"

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amp500 owner Charles Umberger does a deep dive into his experience with the amp500:

"No matter what I threw at my system, the amp500 consistently delivered every bit of juice that my speakers wanted, and I always had the feeling that the reserve was plenty deep. The amp500 never broke a sweat."

"Power, dynamics, soundstage, etc. don’t mean a lot if the amplifier isn’t musical at its core. ...Listening to track after track, however, it wasn’t soundstage or imaging or dynamics that continued to capture my attention. It was the absolute pleasing musicality of the amp."

"Tracks that I’d heard before I was hearing again with a new appreciation. It was as if the recordings themselves had gotten a good wash. Distortion and noise that had smeared (even slightly) some recordings were gone. I was hearing things more clearly, more purely than before. Subtle is not a word you often hear associated with monster amplifiers, but it applies here. The amp500 has as much power as you will ever need, but it’s amazingly revealing of the subtle sounds that can mean the difference between great playback and true high fidelity. More importantly, the amp500 does this without a hint of harsh, analytical nature that other “detailed sounding” amplifiers tend to convey."

"For just a few minutes Mother Maybelle was alive again, playing and singing with an amazing supporting cast. I could hear the subtlety not just in her singing but in everything she did as she sat and played...continually impressed at just how present and immediate this 50-year-old recording suddenly sounded."

"Certainly, I don’t know of a single amp in this price range that consistently delivers so many good things. Send the amp500 to the head of the class."

"With all due respect to some of the better 2 channel stereo amps in the sub $2000 range, this isn’t a fair fight…If you’re looking for a stereo power amplifier in the $3000 - $8000 range, do yourself a favor and add the Peachtree amp500 to your list of candidates."

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