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D4 (pair)

Bookshelf Speakers (Wooden Speakers )

Elegant appearance. High-end sound. Winner of Absolute Sound Editors Choice Award.


Great Sound. Elegant Style.

The D4 is a true high-end bookshelf speaker in every way. This speaker has caught the hearts of reviewers and customers alike with its larger than life, musical presentation. Awards include Absolute Sound Editors Choice Award and Home Theater’s Editors Pick and Stereo Mojo Best of Show. Positive reviews* are numerous.

"This is cause for both consternation and optimism; consternation that many customers will spend the same or more on mass-market dreck, and optimism that sound this good can be had for so little money."
Robert Harley The Absolute Sound

"...I had that "I don't recall hearing that" experience with every record I played! Background vocals more clear, instruments suddenly appearing from out of nowhere; consonants rendered more clearly and instrumental timbre beautifully rendered."
Musikmike Stereo Mojo

"Their extraordinary stereo imaging, grain free treble, and clean, detailed midrange deserve to be heard by those wanting to spend more..."
John Atkinson Stereophile

*Earlier reviews of the D4 refer to the "Era Design 4". All of our speakers are now known by the Peachtree Audio name - less confusion, same great speakers!

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