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GaN 1


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• 200 WPC state-of-the-art GaN-FET module 
• Zero feedback design 
• Coaxial S/PDIF input with native support up to 24-bit/192kHz 
• DAC-less design 

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Perfect match with Quad ESL 57s

I evaluate reproduced sound quality both personally and professionally; the Library of Congress retained me to find them the most accurate monitoring equipment for their project of transcribing the content of all their millions of sound recordings for permanent preservation, and very little of all the best residential and professional equipment made that grade. On the personal side, I rely on my Quad ESL 57s, nicely restored by Wayne Picquet, as a standard for midrange clarity and crisp transient response, but have not had good luck matching them with power amplifiers. That's now no longer true. Straight out of the box with maybe an hour warmup, the GaN 1 had the Quads happily, even effortlessly, delivering the clearest, cleanest sound I've ever heard from them. No tubes, no flea-power voodoo. Thanks!

Tom S
A Game-Changer for Home Audio: My Experience with the Peachtree GaN 1 Amplifier

I've been using the Peachtree GaN 1 amplifier for several months now, and I wanted to share my experience with it. As a passionate music lover who values high-quality audio but isn't a professional reviewer, I found the GaN 1 to be an impressive addition to my home audio setup.

First off, the design of the GaN 1 is sleek and modern. Setup was straightforward. With just one input and a simple signal path, I didn't have to fuss with a lot of connections. This simplicity is great for someone like me who prefers to enjoy music without getting bogged down in technical details.

The sound quality is where the GaN 1 truly shines. The clarity and detail it brings to my music collection are remarkable. Whether I'm listening to electronic, classical, blues, or rock, the highs are crisp without harshness, and the mids are clear, with a tight, controlled bass. I noticed a significant improvement in the overall soundstage and instrument separation compared to my previous amplifier. And by significant, I mean exponentially better. Everything I’ve thrown at it sounds so much more alive, engaging, and emotional.
The clarity, accuracy and detail has to be heard to comprehend how much more nuance the GaN 1 provides.

One of the things I appreciate about the GaN 1 is its ability to handle high-speed signals efficiently. The music sounds natural and smooth, without any harshness or distortion, even at higher volumes. This is thanks to the GaN transistors, which, from what I've read, are more efficient than traditional silicon ones. As a result, the amplifier runs cool and doesn't heat up, even after extended listening sessions.

I believe the GaN 1 offers excellent value for its performance. From the modest amount of comparison testing I’ve done, the sound quality rivals that of much more expensive models, and its straightforward design means I'm getting great audio without paying for unnecessary features. For someone who enjoys high-quality sound and values efficiency, this amplifier is a worthwhile investment.

Inputs/Outputs: I’m using the Bluesound Node and Apple TV as inputs and both perform flawlessly. My B&W 603s sounded so much better than with my 6-yr old NAD amp (slightly more expensive amp than the GaN 1). I have since upgraded to Golden Ear T66s and it's taken the soundstage and clarity to a whole different level of audio excellence.

Overall, I'm thrilled with the Peachtree GaN 1 amplifier. It has elevated my listening experience, providing clear, detailed, and natural sound. The setup was a breeze, and the build quality is solid. If you're a digital music enthusiast looking for an amplifier that combines modern technology with exceptional audio performance, you owe it to yourself to try the GaN 1. My wife and I agree it has transformed our home audio system, and I highly recommend it.

Jeffrey Williams
Great amplifier

I have a cheap class "d": amp and wanted a better one for my main amp. I sold my class "a" amp, r to r and preamp then bought the Gan-1. I am a fan of the new class "d" amps. The cable that came with the Gan-1 should just be used until you get a good preamp to amp cable. It makes a big difference in sound quality. I am a happy old man

Thomas B. Robison
Beautiful (To Me), Minimalist System

I've been using/listening to this GaN 1 & Bluesound Node for a bit over a year and a half now. For me, this is a very convenient and wonderful setup. I am a 2 channel, stereo hobbyist and have been listening to music since my early teens. I have this system in our living room, pushing Tekton speakers, and the music I listen to sounds wonderful!

I love the fact that this amp runs almost completely cool to the touch. We keep this system inside a wall unit with cabinet doors. All I do, when I listen to my system is crack the door open about an inch or so, and there's never been an issue with the amp getting more than barely warm. Gotta love that!

The sculpted, aluminum chassis of the GaN 1 is nice to look at, but it can easily be a hide-away unit if need be. All in all, the Peachtree GaN 1 in combination with the Bluesound Node, or any other streaming device, fits the bill for its practicality, ultra-clean sound, and minimalism. I really like it!


The GaN-1 is remarkable! Excellent sound reproduction and quality even at loud volumes. Pushing to Klipsh KLF10's rated at 150w rms.
Didn't receive the trigger cable which isn't to concerning as I had one lying around, but for the price, expected to receive all parts.
The coax s/pdif cable was from Monoprice, take that as you will. New cable on order.

As for theBluesound Node, I am not impressed and cannot personally recommend it for my purposes, flacs from a portable ssd. It had tons of great reviews so maybe I'm too picky.
It does what it's supposed to do but the reindexing is horrible. It creates duplicates, music which has been deleted still appears, etc. Really hard to work with. Lots of forums online discussing the same. I don't have a NaS so can't speak to whether or not it operates the same.
As for the internet content, works quite well. No issues but not my primary source for music.



GaN 1 with Bluesound NODE


Attention streamers: This one is for you! Please join us in welcoming the Peachtree Audio GaN 1


What is the GaN 1?

It is a 200 watt-per-channel power amplifier designed to be the sole interface between your variable output digital audio device, like a Bluesound NODE, and your speakers. The GaN 1 is a simple, pure and cost-effective audio solution. Connect the GaN 1 to a streamer and a pair of speakers. That's DAC, no preamp and no input switching. The signal path from the music to your speakers is remarkably short and free from artifacts. Want to hear all of the intricate details in your music that have always been there, but you couldn't quite hear them before? Then the GaN 1 is for you!

How did the GaN 1 come to be?

When developing the Peachtree GaN400 Power Amplifier, we were so taken aback (blown away really) with what we were hearing, we immediately asked ourselves; how do we get this technology in front of more people? The Peachtree GaN400 is a $3,000 stand-alone power amplifier with 400 WPC that has been wildly successful, but it addresses a relatively small group of people. What if we created something that sounded every bit as good, but sold for under $2,000? Make it 200 WPC (which is still plenty for most speakers/rooms/listeners) and provide a single DIGITAL audio input for the primary source of music people use in 2022 - a digital audio streamer? This would allow us to put it within reach of a significantly wider audience. So we set off on a project we called "plus one" internally which culminated in the incredible GaN 1 power amplifier.

GaN 1 angle view

What makes the GaN 1 so special?

First and foremost is the GaN-FET amplifier module. It has several inherent advantages in a power amplifier that even the best MOS-FET designs simply cannot achieve. A GaN-FET power stage provides a precise high-power reproduction of the Class-D PWM signal with extremely high linearity. This linearity eliminates the need for ANY feedback, ultimately allowing for the best possible audio quality providing clean, clear middle and high frequencies and a tight, solid reproduction of low frequencies. GaN-FETs track the complex audio waveforms so much more accurately than MOS-FETs resulting in significantly more transparent and natural sound. The difference is something even a casual listener can hear and appreciate. The GaN 1 is also designed so that it does NOT even require a digital-to-analog-converter (DAC). The digital audio signal at the input directs the amplifier outputs to drive the speakers. Although DACs have continued to improve over the years, there is no DAC better than NO DAC! This concept is not a new one as similar devices often referred to as "Power DACs" made quite a splash in our industry years ago, but this time around, using the concept with GaN-FETs raises the bar to an entirely new level.

GaN 1 with Bluesound NODE

Who did we make the GaN 1 for?

People who are interested in simple high-performance solutions. If you listen to music utilizing a digital audio device with volume control and a S/PDIF output - like a Bluesound NODE - the GaN 1 is for you! Keep in mind that while the GaN 1 only has the one coaxial digital input your input selection may be expanded depending on what streamer you use. (The BlueSound NODE, for example, has HDMI e-arc, optical digital, and analog aux inputs available.) Over the past few years, the widespread adoption of lossless and high-resolution audio among the major streaming services has pushed streaming to the top of the list as the preeminent way to access and listen to music critically. It has never been easier to hear the very best versions of your favorite recordings and reproduce them in your home the way the way the creators intended.

Peachtree president Andrew Clark shares his experience of living with a GaN 1. Now including notes on using a subwoofer in a NODE/GaN 1 setup.


Why wouldn't I use the GaN 1?

Well, if you NEED to connect more sources than your streamer provides, the GaN 1 is probably not for you. It literally has a single coaxial digital audio input and you can connect ANY device that has a variable coaxial digital audio output: a streamer, a CD player, a TV, a cable box, and so forth. Have a turntable? Sorry, it won't connect to the GaN 1 unless you use a streamer. Want to connect your computer to the GaN 1 via USB? Sorry again, unless it also has a coaxial digital audio output it won't connect either. To achieve this level of sound quality at this price point, we HAD to make this device as simple as possible. Think of the GaN 1 like a race car with an extremely powerful engine, buttoned down suspension, minimal controls, one seat and zero creature comforts, but an absolute thrill to drive! That is the philosophy behind the GaN 1.

Note: While the GaN 1 only has one coaxial digital audio input, your overall input options may be expanded depending on the connected device you use. For example, the Bluesound NODE streamer also includes an HDMI eARC, optical digital audio, and analog input. These can all be accessed via the BluOS app, greatly expanding the capabilities of a GaN 1-based system.

GaN 1 rear angle view


Find out what’s important - and what’s not

What is the competition for the GaN 1?

The short answer is that we are not aware of anyone else offering this level of sound quality at this price. All of the other GaN power amplifier solutions currently available are quite a bit more expensive, including our own GaN400. And although there are many great integrated amplifiers in this price range that have a wider array of input and output connections, NONE of them sound nearly as good as the GaN 1. If you want both the connectivity and the performance please check out our preDAC + GaN400 combination.

Is GaN the future?

We ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE it is. We see no other technology that has come of age in the past decade that improves the quality of what we are hearing so significantly. Not to mention the improvements in power usage and packaging that this technology brings to the table. It is a game changer. Are we giddy for GaN? Yes we are, and we make no apologies for it!

Key Features at a Glance

  • 200 WPC state-of-the-art GaN-FET module
  • Zero feedback design
  • Regulated 400-Watt power supply
  • Coaxial S/PDIF input with native support up to 24-bit/192kHz
  • DAC-less design
  • Power on/off trigger input
  • All aluminum chassis
  • No cooling fans
  • Dimensions (WxDxH)
    11.8 x 14.0 x 3.3 inches
    300 x 355 x 85 mm
  • Weight
    10.8 pounds
    4.8 kgs

GaN 1 front view



The 200 watts-per-channel GaN-FET power module provides a precise high-power reproduction of the Class-D PWM input signal with extremely high linearity. This linearity eliminates the need for ANY feedback, ultimately allowing for the best possible audio quality. The GaN 1 will drive virtually any speaker with ease and authority while maintaining low noise and terrific dynamics. The speaker outputs are high-quality CMC 5-way binding posts.

Timeless Design

Peachtree Audio prides itself on making products that not only sound great, but look great and are easy to use. The GaN 1 is meticulously crafted out of aluminum and integrates with a wide range of streamers and interior designs from traditional to contemporary to post-modern.

Trigger Input

  • Trigger input provides power on/off control from another device allowing the GaN 1 to seamlessly integrate with your streamer.



  • There is zero feedback within the amplifier circuitry of the GaN 1, which preserves fidelity. 
  • The Peachtree Audio GaN 1 has a monstrous 400-watt regulated power supply. 
  • The GaN 1 has a solid build that any audiophile would be proud to display.
  • If uniquely high performance and total system simplicity appeal to you, so will the Peachtree Audio GaN 1. 

Read the full review here…


Charles Umberger reports on the GaN 1

"The GaN 1 … provides a simpler, cleaner signal path than traditional DAC, preamp, power amp setups. "

"It’s a beautiful marriage of simplicity and performance."

" … the Peachtree GaN 1 introduced a level of realism I’d never experienced."

"Recordings I had heard many times were transformed by the GaN 1. I found them to be much more engaging."

"Whereas a good system produces a 3- dimensional soundstage that a listener could envision, the GaN 1 gives that soundstage texture, substance and intimacy. "

Read the full review...

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GaN 1 review and unboxing from Mr Chibs

GaN 1 review


GaN 1 unboxing


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