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Gorgeous Audio Combined With Beautiful Looks

The iNova starts with our award winning Stereophile Product of the Year - the Nova - and ups the ante.

made for iPod

Improvements in the iNova

  • A higher resolution 32 bit DAC which resolves up to 24bit/192kHz on coax SPDIF. The USB now gives you 24bit/96kHz resolution directly from your computer.
  • A new redesigned preamp with a Russian 6N1P tube buffer gives the iNova a greater sense of three-dimensional sound and a more detailed soundstage.
  • The amp was fitted with upgraded capacitors making the iNova more dynamic and punchier in the bass region.
  • The iPod dock allows you to experience PURE DIGITAL sound from your iPod. Digital music sounds like never before!

The changes result in improved dynamics and higher resolution.

The iNova features an 80 watt per channel amplifier, class A tube preamp, high resolution digital-to-analog converter, class A headphone amplifier and a PURE DIGITAL iPod dock. The upgrades are notable. If you want the very best resolution possible for computer audio or from streaming devices like Apple TV, Sonos and many others now on the market, the iNova will certainly fit the bill. The Nova remains available and is a top performer in its class.

Lightning-connector iOS devices compatible with adapter:

iOS devices with Lightning connector

An adapter available directly from Apple allows you to connect a Lightning-equipped iOS device to the iNova's built-in dock. Learn more...




ES9016 chip

Digital to Analog Converter

The heart of the iNova is the ESS ES9016, 32 bit, 24/192 Sabre32 Ultra DAC. It's specialized for computers or other sources that often deliver high levels of timing errors. Using the iNova with your current CD or DVD player will improve it, with higher resolution and added dynamic range.

Tough Environment

Most DACs on the market were developed to accept relatively low-jitter devices like a good CD player. When faced with the extremes of bad power supplies, grounding issues and high jitter, most fail to deliver maximum performance. The iNova, on the other hand, was developed with these unique problems in mind.

The ESS Sabre32 DAC's patented jitter-reduction circuit re-clocks the digital signal to less than three picoseconds before passing it through a high-resolution processor. This heavy re-clocking is required for computers and streaming or hard-drive based music servers. They have high levels of timing problems that must be addressed if sound quality matters.

internal circuitry

Noise associated with ground problems and switching power supplies is eliminated by transformer-coupling each digital input. The USB connection is galvanically isolated, eliminating noise generated by your computer's switching power supply and greatly improving the sound quality. Our design uses a multi-layer DAC board with over 450 components, a linear power supply and 11 regulated sub-power supplies, preventing noise at every level.

iNova tube

Tube Preamplifier

The preamp section employs a class A tube buffer - maintaining a high level of detail while taming harsh compressed digital music and allowing exceptional reproduction when listening to high-resolution files. The low impedance class A preamp output stage can drive a high power separate amplifier via the iNova's pre out jacks, just in case your speakers need even more power than the iNova's 80 watts per channel.

iNova inputs


The iNova has a USB input for your computer, plus 2 coaxial and 2 optical inputs for other digital sources like Apple TV or Airport Express, Sonos, and XM or Sirius tuners. It also has 2 analog inputs for a tape deck or phono preamp. We tried to think of everything you could possibly need. The iNova has you covered!

Digital Filter

Listeners have different musical tastes. HiFi systems vary in how they reproduce your favorite music. Some systems are forward and "in the room," emphasizing musical detail; others offer a more laid back perspective with a "warmer" tonal balance. The iNova's switchable digital filter lets you tailor your system and your recordings to your taste. The NOS/NAL button lets you choose between "no oversampling" (NOS) or "non-aliasing" (NAL).

iNova filters

Steep filter slopes often don't sound particularly good. But any DAC using a gentle filter slope - like the ESS Sabre32 in the iNova - is susceptible to aliasing distortion. The iNova uses sample rates of 96kHz or 192kHz to partially attenuate this aliasing. Additionally, Peachtree Audio has developed software to eliminate aliasing distortion in the sampling process. Many listeners will prefer the sound of the NOS setting, and we recommend it. However, the NAL setting measures better and will be preferred by some listeners. Let your ears guide you - there is no "wrong" setting!

Headphone Amp


For the headphone user the iNova has a class A tube headphone section that rivals some of the best headphone amps available today. Many hours were spent on the headphone section and no detail regarding quality was left to chance. The signal passes through the DAC, preamp and then the tube buffer giving you an extended yet addictive sound.

When headphones are plugged in, your speakers are muted so you can rock on when quiet is a necessity. Headphones have never sounded better than through the iNova!

iNova back panel

Home Theater Bypass

The iNova's second analog input doubles as a "Home Theater Bypass" so you can have the best of home theater and two-channel in the same system! So now when you listen to a two-channel source with your HT receiver or processor, there's a straight line from the source to the iNova to the speakers - no processing, no running the signal through a forest of circuitry. If you're a two-channel fan, it's the only way to do theater right!

Made for:
iPod touch (1st and 2nd generation)
iPod classic (80GB,120GB,160GB only)
iPod nano (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation)

“Made for iPod” means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards.
iPod, iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.









iNova Specifications

80 Watts per Channel <1% Distortion into 6 Ohms
ST MOSFET Amp Modules
Sigma Servo Internal Wiring Configuration

Hybrid Tube Design Using Triode (Stereo 6n1p)
7.0V Output at 2.0V Input
<1 Ohm at Output Stage
Class A Output Stage
Polypropylene Caps in the signal path

Headphone Amplifier (Shared with the Pre-Out Stage)
Suitable for All Electro-dynamic Headphones
Output impedance: <1 Ohm
Maximum Output Power:100Mw/8 Ohms/300Mw/150 Ohms/150Mw/300 Ohms
Class A Output Stage
6N1P Vacuum Tube in Circuit

Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)
6 Digital Inputs: 1 USB, 2 Coax, 2 Optical, 1 iPod Dock
ESS 9016 Sabre DAC
USB 24Bit/96kHz
SPDIF 24Bit/192kHz
11 Regulated Power Supplies
Class A Output Stage
Transformer-Coupled Digital Inputs
Galvanically Isolated USB Stage
>122dB Signal to Noise Ratio without Tube
<3 Picoseconds Jitter Measured at the Master Clock

Dimensions: 5 x 14.75 x 14 (inches)
Weight: 26 lbs
Finishes: High Gloss Black, Cherry, Rosewood
Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor

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