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Amplifier with DAC - musicBox Desktop Amplifier

A 20 watt per channel integrated amp with tube buffer, top of the line DAC and PURE DIGITAL iPod dock. Recommended for office spaces and desktop audio.


Made for iPod

Recording engineers use near-field systems to mix because they take the room out of the equation. They allow you to hear deep into the soundstage and pick up minute detail. The high-end near-field experience is yours by simply adding a musicBox system to your desktop. Music is recreated like in the studio with a wide, deep, solid image.

The musicBox is the perfect choice anywhere you want great-sounding music without taking up a lot of space! So whether you're listening in your office, your den, your kitchen or your bedroom . . . try the musicBox. We think you'll love it!

Lightning-connector iOS devices compatible with adapter: iOS devices with Lightning connector

An adapter available directly from Apple allows you to connect a Lightning-equipped iOS device to the musicBox's built-in dock. Learn more...

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