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Amplifier with DAC - Nova Amplifier DAC with Tube

Stereophile Product of the Year. A sleek integrated amp with 80 watts per channel, a top of the line DAC and rich tube buffer.


A New Milestone

Stereophile Product of the Year

Peachtree Audio has raised the bar with the Nova.

Consider the Nova if you’re looking to improve your computer-based or streaming audio to a “high-end” performance level. The Nova is a world class 80 watt per channel integrated amplifier with a built-in high-performance digital-to-analog converter. It has enough digital and analog inputs and outputs to satisfy all the new digital devices. Plus, it can handle the oldies like turntables (with an external phono preamp), tuners, etc. The Nova performs like a high-end integrated amplifier - because that’s what it is. We call it the "new millennium" integrated amplifier!

Whether it’s digital or analog, the Nova is engineered for the way you listen today.



Digital to Analog Converter


ESS ES9006 chip

Critical to the performance of the Nova is the onboard ESS 9006 Sabre DAC. It’s a 24bit/96kHz upsampling digital-to-analog converter, which transforms just about any digital source to the performance of a high-end CD player. The Sabre DAC’s patented jitter reduction circuit re-clocks the digital signal to nearly zero jitter before passing it through the high-resolution 24/96 upsampling processor that’s also capable of 122dB s/n ratio. But the DAC chip is only part of the story because the surrounding electronics are extremely important. We employ 11 regulated power supplies for the DAC. We transformer-couple each digital input stage so noise associated with ground problems and switching power supplies is eliminated. The USB input is unique. It is galvanically isolated from the computer connection. This is critically important because significant noise generated by the computer’s switching power supply travels down the USB ground and manifests itself as a major source of jitter. We eliminate it before the DAC even sees it!

The Tube Preamplifier


The preamplifier is one of the most important components in any system and often determines the way your system sounds overall. It must handle all of the switching and volume tracking. All of your music travels through the entire circuit before getting to the amplifier. So attention to detail is key if your goal is faithful reproduction. Even though there's an 80wpc amplifier on board, the Nova is unique because we designed the preamp circuit to be a stand alone preamp.

Nova tube window system

The Sound: The Nova preamp section uses a 6922 tube with a class A output stage. Why? Because we love the sound! This is where art meets science and there's a certain magic that solid state can't quite match. The tube maintains a high level of detail while taming harsh digital files. We strive for a musical presentation rather than questing for that Nth level of "in your face" extension. The quest for music reproduction shouldn't be a contest to attain the highest number, rather one to seek an emotional experience while maintaining the musical intent of the artist. Our goal is for you to enjoy the music, not think about the box.

Inputs The Nova has 8 total inputs: 5 digital, 3 analog. A USB input for your computer in addition to 2 coax and 2 optical inputs for other digital sources like Squeezebox®, Apple TV®, AirportExpress®, Sonos®, and XM or Sirius® tuners. The Nova also has 3 analog inputs for docking stations, CD players, tape decks or phono preamps.

Outputs If you want to add a subwoofer or outboard amplifier, the Nova features a “Class A” <30 ohm variable preamp-output that will impedance match to almost any amplifier while pushing up to 100 ft of cable.

Noise Computers and other digital devices are notorious for CPU and switching power supply noise. Each digital input is transformer-coupled to prevent contamination of the digital signal.

So do we feel we have a fantastic preamplifier in the Nova? Oh yes!

Home Theater Bypass and Digital Filter


Nova back panel

The Nova's third analog input doubles as a “Home Theater Bypass” so you can have the best of home theater and two-channel in the same system. Simply take the left and right “pre out” from your receiver or processor and connect to the “Home Theater” bypass on the Nova. A selector switch on the back panel converts from Aux to HT bypass. In this application your receiver transparently uses the L&R amplifier section of the Nova. This leaves the receiver responsible only for pushing the center and rear speakers, making the receiver much more efficient and less taxed. And when you listen to a two-channel source plugged directly into the Nova, there’s a straight line from the source to the Nova to the speakers . . . no processing, no running the signal through a forest of circuitry. This leaves little between the music and your ears. If you’re a two-channel fan, it’s the way to do theater right!

Digital Filter The Nova's switchable digital filter lets you tailor your system and your recordings to your taste. Although the Sharp setting measures better, many listeners prefer the sound of the Slow setting, and we recommend it. Let your ears be the judge.


Private Listening


For the headphone user, the Nova has a class A tube headphone section that rivals some of the best headphone amps available. When your headphones are plugged in, the speakers are automatically muted - so you can rock on when quiet is a necessity. Headphones have never sounded better than through the Nova.

This product is now in our archive. "Archived" means we no longer manufacture it, and it's not available directly from Peachtree Audio. If we've only recently discontinued this product it may still be available from some stores or online retailers. For reference, all of the original product information will remain on our website.

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Nova Specifications

80 Watts per Channel <1% Distortion into 6 Ohms
ST MOSFET Amp Modules
Sigma Servo Internal Wiring Configuration

Hybrid Tube Design (6922)
6.5V Output at 2.0V Input
<30 Ohms at the Output Stage
Class A Output Stage
Switching Relays in the Signal Path
Polypropylene Caps in the Signal Path

Headphone Amplifier (Shared with the Pre-Out Stage)
Suitable for All Electro-dynamic Headphones
Frequency Response: DC ~ 100 kHz +/- 0.1dB
Voltage Gain: 10dB
Maximum Output Voltage: 7Vrms
Output Impedance: <30 Ohms
Maximum Output Power: 100Mw/8 Ohm/300mW/150 Ohm/150mW/300 Ohm
Class A Output Stage
6922 Tube in Circuit

Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)
5 Digital Inputs: 1 USB, 2 Coax, 2 Optical
ESS 9006 DAC
24/96 Upsampling
11 Regulated Power Supplies
Organic Capacitors
Class A Output Stage
Transformer-Coupled Digital Inputs
Galvanically Isolated USB Stage
>122db S/N
<1 Picosecond Jitter Measured at the Master Clock (Super Clock)

Dimensions: 5 x 14.75 x 14 (inches)
Weight: 26 lbs
Finish: High Gloss Black, Cherry, Rosewood
Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor

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