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Amplifier with DAC - nova125SE Amplifier DAC with Tube

Musically powerful amp, preamp, DAC and headphone amp all in one. Soft or loud, sweet or gritty - the nova125SE plays your music the way you want to hear it. Hook up your favorite speakers - and listen!


nova125SE - Powerful Performance

• Powerful amplification: 125 watts per channel 8Ω, 200 watts per channel 4Ω.
• High-resolution 24-bit/192kHz DAC with reclocking to minimize jitter
• 24/192 Asynchronous USB input for high performance computer audio
• Optical and coax digital inputs to upgrade digital music streamers like Sonos Connect and Apple TV
• Pure analog input for your turntable/phono preamp, tuner, SACD player
• Audiophile headphone amplifier for high performance headphones
• Selectable triode tube buffer for more natural sound

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The nova125SE is an integrated amplifier, DAC, and headphone amp all rolled into one. Its combination of high output power, transparent sound, and digital and analog connectivity make it simple to enjoy all of your music with uncompromising quality.

With five inputs, including 24/192 Asynchronous USB, you can enjoy computer and streaming audio with incredible high fidelity sound.

Pride of Ownership
The nova125SE has a timeless industrial design that fits naturally in the home. The wood cabinet is sourced from sustainable resources and is available in three premium finishes: rosewood, high gloss black, and cherry. The front panel is made from six-millimeter thick bead blasted aluminum with a soft cool gray finish. These are some of the simple touches that provide pride of ownership in an age of disposable hardware.

Peachtree amplifier finishes
FSC certified wood cabinets


How is the nova125SE different from the nova65SE?

The power supply and amplifier output stage are unique to the nova125SE. The nova125SE provides more power, greater dynamics and finer detail than the already superb nova65SE.

Powerful Amplification
Peachtree amplifiers are rated "all channels driven" from 20Hz to 20kHz (full bandwidth of human hearing) to provide real world power ratings. Featuring an amplifier that delivers up to 200 watts per channel (4Ω), the nova125SE allows you to experience your music’s full dynamic range.

If your listening habits or speakers require more power to sound their best, check out the even more powerful nova220SE.


Optional BT1 aptX® Bluetooth Music Receiver
The new Peachtree Audio BT1 Bluetooth Music Receiver is the easiest way to bridge your phone or tablet to your Peachtree system. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, you can stream audio from all of your favorite apps like Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM, TuneIn Radio and more. The BT1 is designed to work perfectly and easily with your Peachtree Audio SE series integrated amplifier. Learn more.

nova125SE vs. nova125

What makes the nova125SE better than the nova125?

  • Since the launch of the original nova125 and decco65 our engineering team has been working to take the sound quality of both models to the next level. After more than a year of listening and measuring, we are proud to offer the new nova65SE and nova125SE. These models join the outstanding nova220SE to complete our best line of integrated amps ever.

  • The novaSE amps are classic Peachtree on the outside but with upgraded technology on the inside - creating the best sounding novas ever. By "trickling down" the Class-A circuitry originally developed for the much more expensive Grand Pre X-1 and Grand Integrated X-1, we were able to improve dynamics and clarity in a big way. So now you'll have more "I've never heard that before" moments with your favorite music.

  • The novaSE discrete Class-A preamp output stage combines the musicality of Class-A design with the muscle of Class-D amplification. Signal paths in the novaSE have been made shorter to lower noise and improve transients. The DAC's power supply (often the difference between a great DAC and a merely good one) has been upgraded with new low-ESR capacitors. The sound is smoother and has improved focus, imaging, and bass definition. Dynamics and micro-detail are greatly improved so you can hear more of what's embedded in the recording.

  • The new novaSE integrated amplifiers simply sound great and perform far beyond their down-to-earth prices. Listen to a novaSE before you consider investing thousands more in electronics.




The nova125SE has a timeless industrial design that fits naturally in the home. The wood cabinet is sourced from sustainable resources and is available in three premium finishes: rosewood, high gloss black, and cherry. The front panel is made from six-millimeter thick bead blasted aluminum with a soft cool gray finish. These are some of the simple touches that provide pride of ownership in an age of disposable hardware.


Sabre Dac logo

High Resolution 24-bit/192kHz DAC
Using ESS Technology’s patented Hyperstream Modulator, the DAC in the nova125SE is capable of 100% jitter rejection for maximum fidelity. Any digital source, from a computer to a streamer such as Sonos or Apple TV, can be instantly upgraded. Even compressed audio files can sound shockingly good when run through the Peachtree DAC, so you can maximize the fun of streaming music from Pandora or even concerts on YouTube! The nova125SE DAC is fully compatible with lossless “studio master” 24-bit 192kHz downloads from sites such as HDTracks. These files can be played back from your computer via the nova125SE USB input for sound quality above and beyond old school 16-bit CD.


The 24/192 Asynchronous USB Input has a major impact on the overall sound quality of the nova125SE. Asynchronous communication keeps digital jitter at bay by not relying on the audio clock in the computer, which can get thrown off time by the thousands of processes running in your operating system’s background. The USB input on the nova125SE provides the best possible resolution, which furthers the efforts of the ESS Sabre DAC.


Galvanic Isolation blocks electrical noise from all of the digital inputs on the nova125SE. Computers and digital streamers are prime sources of electrical noise. Electrical noise, even noise that you can’t hear directly, masks fine details and distorts the tone of music. Galvanic isolation eliminates this noise.

The Preamp

Discrete Class A Output Stage
The nova125SE benefits from trickle down technology by using the discrete Class A output stage employed in Peachtree’s top-of-the-line Grand Series. This circuit reproduces clearer micro-detail, decay and texture, which makes listening to your favorite music even more immersive. Since every signal gets routed through this circuit it is a critical part of the signal path.

The Tube Buffer

nova125SE tube

Selectable Tube Buffer
The nova125SE includes Peachtree’s signature triode tube buffer to soften bright recordings and create a more natural sound. The tube buffer can be engaged or bypassed on the fly with a simple button press on the included remote control, allowing you to listen in either pure solid state or tube mode. A Russian 6N1P military tube (6DJ8 variant) was specifically chosen for its consistent reliability and will provide years (average 10,000 hours) of enjoyment. The tube is user replaceable and replacements are readily available. Experience the joy of tubes without the hassle.

The Power Amplifier

The 125 watt per channel Power Amp offers exceptional performance, with extended bandwidth, improved dynamic range, and exceptionally low distortion. The high current output stage delivers 200 watts per channel at 4Ω and comfortably drives even difficult speaker loads. The nova125SE is an ideal partner for your favorite speaker!

The Headphone Amp


The Headphone Amp enables you to listen in solitude without sacrificing sound quality. Most headphones need more than the tiny amount of power that trickles out of the headphone jack from your computer or iPod. Plug your phones into the nova125SE and hear what they sound like with copious amounts of undistorted power driving them.








nova125SE Specifications


"It has the dimensionality of a tube amp, the presence of the leading and trailing edges of transients, with ample decay time, typical of the best tube and solid state amps, the weight and fullness associated with tube amps, and above all, a balanced frequency response."

"It was easy to 'turn off my analytical mind', the components disappeared and I was just enjoying the music."

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Digital Audio Review logo

"The Nova 125SE is far better suited to the pragmatic hunt for more serious output power that doesn’t come with a ball-breaking price tag."

"If there’s better looking entry-level hi-fi out there then I’ve not seen it."

"This amplifier is for those who want to get it all done in one tidy hit."

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hifitest.de logo

Germany's hifitest.de reviews the nova125SE in combination with the Peachtree D5 bookshelf loudspeakers.

"The combination of Peachtree's nova125SE and the D5 is sonically and visually really great."

"...good speakers that provide greater sound than you'd expect from speakers this size."

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