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Peachtree220 Power Amplifier

A 220 watt per channel power amp that'll give you all the juice you need. Expect ultra wide bandwidth, lots of headroom, extended bass and feather smooth highs. Designed to perfectly match the novaPre.


"... I was smitten with the Peachtree220... Even a couple of the more difficult speakers in my arsenal (B&W 802D and the Magnepan 1.7) were no problem, so whatever you might be using, rest assured, the Peachtree220 will be up to task." - TONEAudio Magazine Issue 50

Now - More Power From Peachtree!

The Peachtree220 has 220 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms!

This new breed of Class D amplification samples many times that of the original modules making the 220 smooth and extended. Unlike Class D amps of the past, it produces room-shaking bass. The 220 has both balanced and unbalanced inputs and is 90% energy efficient.

The novaPre preamplifier is the perfect complement to the
Peachtree220 - in rosewood, high gloss black or cherry.

Peachtree220 amplifier Peachtree220 amplifier finishes




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