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Apple Compatibility

Which Apple connnectors are compatible with your Peachtree?

If your Apple device has a lightning connector, use the Apple USB-A to lightning cable to connect the device to the USB-A input on the nova150, nova300, nova500 or preDAC. This should allow you to stream the audio digitally and to charge the connected device.

If your Apple device has a USB-C connector, purchase a USB-C to USB-B cable to connect the device to the USB-B input on any of our products. This cable has to be a “printer cable” like this one USB B to USB C Printer Cable. Other cables may not work. Please note, this will NOT charge the connected device.
Use a USB-C to USB-A adapter like this one USB-C to USB 3.1 Adapter and a USB-A to USB-B cable. Please note, this will NOT charge the connected device. You can also use a hub like this one 6-in-1 USB C Hub. This will allow you to charge your Apple device.

If your Apple device has a 30-pin connector, it is only compatible with our older products that support this connection: iNova, iDecco and MusicBox.

Note: The Amazon links above are examples of products you can use to connect your Apple device to your Peachtree. If a specific item is not available, an Amazon or Google search should find a similar product.

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