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Release notes for Carina Firmware  v.40323c

Issues fixed:

  • (all models) Loud noises/pops when unit is set up for HTB and used with certain brand AVRs.
  • (all models)  Various issues with trigger input causing unexpected operations.
  • (all models)  While leaving headphones plugged in, turning on Carina caused loud pop in HP.
  • (Carina GaN) While leaving headphones plugged in, speakers played when turning on Carina.
  • Also incorporated are previous fixes for Carina 150 and 300 SPDIF inputs not locking intermittently.

Instructions for Firmware update for Carina 150, 300 and GaN models.

You will need the following:

  1.  USB-C to USB-A cable. (USB-C to USB-C cable is OK if your PC supports USB-C).
  2. A Windows PC
  3. The firmware update application for your specific model.

    Follow the steps below to update the Carina.

    1. Download the correct firmware update application for your specific model from the list at the bottom. 
    2. Connect The USB-C port on the Carina to your PC. The PC should be powered on if not already on.
    3. Turn on the Carina. It can be on any source, but must be powered on.
    4. Make a note of any settings in the Carina’s setup menu you may have made, the update process will change the settings back to default.
    5. Open the Carina firmware updater app that you downloaded in step 1. You may get a warning it is from an unknown publisher, but this is OK and safe.
    6. With the app open, verify the “USB-Serial  CH340 (COMx)” appears in the bar at the top of the app. (The x in (COMx) will have a number assigned, such as 3 (COM3).
    7. The button in the app “click here” can now be clicked on. The screen in the app will change.
    8. Power OFF Carina using the rear panel Mains switch. Do not use the front panel standby/power button for this step.
      • Important- the red standby LED on Carina will be illuminated. It must go completely out before proceeding. With the Carina 150 or 300 this can take several minutes. With the Carina GaN, this LED will go out almost instantly- but may be dimly lit still. This is OK. 
      1. When the standby LED goes out, switch the rear panel Mains switch on Carina back to ON.  The Carina should power back on, and there will be a green progress bar in the updater app. When the progress bar finishes, the Carina will be powered ON, but the standby LED will be red. Push the power button to turn on Carina. The firmware is now updated.
      2. It is a good idea to do a factory reset- Turn off Carina with the standby/power button. Then hold in the right side knob (same as you would do for mute). Keep holding the knob in, and turn on Carina while still holding in the knob. Keep it held in until the firmware revision shows on the display. Now release the knob. The Carina is ready for use.
      3. The updater app can now be closed and deleted. The Carina menu settings can now be re-entered if needed.

      To check which version firmware is currently on your unit and/or to confirm the update was successful, you can reset the Carina (step 2 above) and note the firmware version. 

      The current firmware version should be: 29032024

      Please do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions or concerns. 

      Download firmware here:

      Carina 150 Firmware

      Carina 300 Firmware

      Carina GaN Firmware

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