If you’re having a problem connecting your SKY product to your WiFi network, try this “back door” method:

1. Factory reset the SKY unit (see owner’s manual or our Bulletin on resetting the decco125SKY). Then turn on your SKY product and select WiFi input.
2. On a computer or mobile device that is connected to the same WiFi network you want the SKY on, open the WiFi network list and look for "decco125_xxxx" or "deepblueSky_xxxx". Connect to this network.
3. Open a browser on the computer or mobile device, then enter in the address bar. A settings page should load.
4. Navigate to the WiFi settings and enter the network SSID and password for the WiFi network you want the SKY on. Note that only 2.4 GHz networks are supported. Save and exit. The SKY product should announce "you are connected to your WiFi network" if this is successful.
5. On a mobile device, download an app from the app store to control your SKY product. We have successfully used "legacy player" from Linkplay (in the app store under Linkplay).
6. In the app, once connected, go to the settings page and ensure "enable hotspot mode" is turned OFF. It is unsecured on older versions of Linkplay FW, and is a network security risk if left on.

If the above does not work, we recommend a Wiim Mini streamer, connected to an unused input on the SKY product. The WiiM Mini module offers more streaming services, high resolution capability and Bluetooth.

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