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The Sound Advocate reviews the nova300

“There is something genuinely special about the Peachtree Audio Nova 300 integrated amplifier that is hard to let go of…”

Read the full review...

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015

Michael Shrieve at his drums
Michael Shrieve at the drums at RMAF

Thanks to all who joined us in the Pikes Peak room at RMAF in Denver! Many of you told us we were making a great sound through the Zu Audio speakers driven by our soon-to-be-available sonaDAC and sonaAMP combination - and we agree!

A very special thanks to percussionist Michael Shrieve. Michael's stories of his experiences with music legends - from Carlos Santana to Elvin Jones to Mick Jagger and many more - were THE highlight of RMAF for many attendees! PLUS - an experience not to be forgotten by anyone fortunate enough to be there was hearing Michael play drums LIVE - in the room - accompanying himself, as it were, while the Peachtree/Zu system pumped out memorable recorded performances from his days with Santana and also from Michael's current boundary-expanding percussion work.

For a special treat - and to extend your own musical horizons - check out the playlists that Michael has prepared especially for Peachtree friends and enthusiasts, as he shares music from some of his favorite artists with us: Michael's Music

Consumer Electronics Show 2015

AudioStream logo  sonaDAC? Shift? AudioStream provides a sneak peek at coming Peachtree products!

AudioHead shares an overview of the nova65SE and nova125SE

AXPONA 2014: "Zu Audio and Peachtree at the top of their game"

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Read Scot Hull's report from AXPONA 2014 at Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile.

Jon Derda at AXPONA 2014
Peachtree's Jon Derda about to play some classic vinyl at AXPONA
(courtesy: Scot Hull)

Think MP3 Sucks?

AV Premium magazine cover

The latest decco65 review comes from Spain's AV Premium. Read the full review here...


AV Premium magazine cover

Spain's AV Premium reviews the Peachtree220 power amplifier. See pages 54-55.


"Star of the Room"

Grand Integrated at Digibit 2012

Grand Integrated is the "star of the room" at Digibit Audioshow 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal

The latest Peachtree Audio reviews from around the world

AV Premium magazine AV Premium (Spain) reviews the Grand Integrated.

What Hi-Fi? (Russia) magazine What Hi-Fi? (Russia) reviews the Grand Integrated.

What Hi-Fi? (Russia) magazine What Hi-Fi? (Russia) reviews the iNova. magazine (Russia) reviews the iNova.

Peachtree #1 in Dealer Survey

Inside Track

The annual Inside Track Survey is an important measure of how consumer electronics companies perform. The data is gathered from nearly 200 participants (dealers and distributors) within the industry across North America. The Survey is a strong indication of how a manufacturer's policies and practices support dealers and, ultimately, customers.

This year, Peachtree Audio knocked it out of the park, taking home First Place overall in our category of Home Audio/Electronics. In this category, we competed against much, much, MUCH larger companies. We are indeed honored!

2012 Inside Track Survey
  Overall Results: First Place in the Home Audio/Electronics Category

A few areas of excellence:

  • First Place: Product Innovation
  • First Place: Ease of Doing Business
  • A+: Product Performance
  • We are proud of our first place award and believe customers are best served by dealers who offer industry leading technology backed by superior customer service - Peachtree Audio dealers!

    Peachtree Audio at Newport 2012

    Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile:

    "’re going to be shocked at how much you get when you buy Peachtree. ... Look, here’s the bottom line — Peachtree is putting together some serious audiophile-quality offerings out there at a variety of price points."

    Read the full report


    AV Premium magazine cover

    A new magazine launches online in Spain. AV Premium profiles Peachtree Audio products, including the powerful new Grand Integrated, on page 8.


    HiFi Test

    The Grand Integrated receives a rave review in Germany's HiFi Test magazine. Don't read German? Allow us to translate: They like it!

    See the full review here

    Sound and Vision highlights new Peachtree Audio products

    Sound and Vision highlights Peachtree220 Sound and Vision highlights decco65

    Peachtree Audio Unveils New Line of Products at CES 2012

    Peachtree Audio presented in two suites at CES in Las Vegas on January 10 - 13, displaying the new Grand Series: the Grand Pre and Grand Integrated and unveiled 4 never-before-heard jawdroppers: the novaPre, Peachtree220, decco65 and nova125. Countless people declared the new Grand Integrated, matched with a gorgeous pair of MartinLogan Montis speakers, the best system they'd heard at the show. But you don't have to take our word for it. Read on below!

    The Absolute Sound

    cNet News

    Audio Stream

    Audio Federation Blog

    AV Hub “… since the Nova, and now the Grand Pre and Grand Integrated, I’m all hot and bothered [about Peachtree Audio]. Adding to their current lineup in the Performance series is the $900 decco65 and the $1500 nova125. Both integrated amps sport newly reworked power stages and are good for 65wpc and 125wpc respectively. The new $1k novaPre and the matching $1400 Peachtree220 amp will round out the offerings. Value, meet awesome. Hello, awesome.” "The major introduction [at CES 2012] was the Grand Integrated, which combines a DAC, hybrid tube preamp, 440-watt-per-channel digital amp and headphone amp in one chassis. Peachtree calls it "a stack killer." For its CES demo, Peachtree played a variety of digital files from a Mac Mini through Martin Logan Montis electrostatic speakers; and the sound was absolutely glorious.

    Check out the Carina line up

    Carina GaN
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